Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow...I can't believe it!

Wow...I didn't think anybody would make comments on my post yet. It was exciting. I sure have a long way to go still. I was hoping to put on updated pictures of Landon and the family before anyone looked at it... Oh...well!!! Kathy or Shaurie where do I find the cute floral blog it in photo shop? Brandy, I'm sure that it will be Brian's favorite salad. I think it's every husbands favorite.

Thanks for the comments...everyone. It makes me want to keep blogging.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trying to learn how to create a blog...

Last Sunday I went to meet Jeff and pick up the boys to bring them back for school. I met them in Roosevelt at my brother Glen's house. His family have the neatest blogs and with them living away from the rest of the family it has been great to be able to know what is happening in their lives. I love getting on and reading their blogs. They make me feel like they are closer some how. Anyway... with Nathan preparing to go on a mission I have been thinking how nice it would be to be able to just post his letters on a family blog. I figured if I created a blog now by the time he leaves I will hopefully know what I am doing. Everybody makes it look so easy. While we were at Glen's house Brandy, Kathy & Lorraine (and Little Brian teasing me from behind) gave me a crash course in creating a blog and helped me to start one. Thanks so Much. So...I am going to try and learn by trial and error...probably more errors...I figure it will give the Berlin's something to laugh about anyway...

P.S. Little Brian... I hope you like the Honeymoon Salad recipe I posted on Sugar & Spice