Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After three and a half months of being on crutches Nathan finally went to 100% weight bearing and was able to get rid of his crutches today. The physical therapist said he is way ahead of the game in his rehab especially with the kind of injury he sustained. He still has to walk with his boot on for two more weeks. With his crutches gone he said, "I have my hands back and can carry things with my hands again". ( I hope that means he will put his dishes in the dishwasher...I won't count on him making his bed though...that would be too good to be true).

Most of all he can drive his Jeep again. He says he feels like he is sixteen again and can drive all by himself :) It is a happy day for him and for us who have been his chauffeurs. We are all looking forward to July 11th when he can give his boot...the boot!!!

One happy guy...back in his Jeep again!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seven minutes and fifty seconds

Landon downed the famous Macy's Kong Cone in 7 minutes and 50 seconds after their Young Men's Activity...all I can say is BRAIN FREEZE!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

25% Makes a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nathan...where did the years go??? This was his Kindergarten picture.
Yesterday Nathan got the go ahead to finally put 25% of his body weight on his ankle and walking with his crutches. He will still be in the boot for another 5 weeks but he can take it off to sleep now. Still NO driving which he was very disappointed about but, he will get over it. Landon asked him last night, "who peed in your Cheerios?" Nate; "Dr. Van Boerum!"
Looking much better than 12 weeks ago
His first steps...He can only walk without the boot at Physical Therapy
Mad thinking about how he still can't drive...when you are that age driving is everything.
Good thing it was his Birthday today and he quickly got over the NO driving. We started Nathan's 22nd birthday by going to Cafe Rio for lunch...he ordered his favorite Salmon tacos. When I go to pay I notice there are Chips and Queso on the tray and I said, did you order these? "Yeah Mom, it's my birthday and you had a free meal anyways." I think he thinks he has to make up for being gone that last two birthday. What a kid...always hungry! Good thing I love him :)
Market Street Grill is on the agenda for tonight for both Nathan's Birthday and Landon's Graduation no complaining from of my favorite places.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camera Moments

Yesterday towards the end of my walk I saw three boys. The first boy about nine was trying to walk his little puppy...I mean trying.  Every few feet the puppy would plop down on the lawn, obviously not wanting to go any farther. The boy would coax and pull him up and he would get up and go a few feet and flop down again. As it was the first day of summer vacation I am pretty sure that the job of walking the dog is part of his daily chores.

Soon came his younger brother on his bike wondering what was taking him so long to walk the dog. And then came the camera moment...a barefooted toddler on his tricycle pedaling just as fast as his little legs could and holding on to the tail of a stuffed puppy dog swinging from the handle bars of the trike. He was not going to be left behind. I smiled to myself ...and I thought how cute the whole scene was and how I wished I had, had a camera with me.
With Landon graduating gone are the carefree summer days of  my little boys. This last month I have tried to just enjoy every moment with him. This chapter is over for us and we are starting another exciting time of our lives.  Our boys have turned into fine young man and new doors are opening up for them. I am just glad to be their Mom and be along for the ride. Here we go!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cottonwood High Class of 2012 Graduation

 is a time to remember
and a time to dream!

A time to look back
and a time to reach forward

A time for songs of laughter
and a time for tears of joy.

A time for letting go
and a time for discovering hopes
and dreams that are yet unborn.

a time to say good-bye to
Yesterday and a time to greet
tomorrow with courage

A time for loving hearts to gather and a
time to celebrate all that You are...
And all that you may become!

Landon's Graduation on Friday, June 1st, 2012 at Cottonwood High School
On his way to Graduation
The Long receive his Diploma
Zach Cottle...a true and loyal friend
Connor Durrant or as we call him Mr. C...friends for life.
Grandma Berlin and Grandma Watkins
with his wonderful parents :)
Our Family
Childhood friend...Stephanie George the cute little red head that lived down the street
The boys from the hood...Vinnie Martinez and Nick Foster
Good buddy...Clay McCardell
Baseball slugger Ely Hangsen
and cute Tessa Netelbeek

Wrapping up Baseball

Tuesday night was the last of Landon's High School Baseball. The Baseball Banquet was at The Old Meeting House and of course it was good food (I am a little prejudice of our excellent cooking staff though). We had Lemon Chicken, Rice Pilaf and Sunshine Carrots served with Green Salad and Rolls. And the players favorite...the Chocolate Fountain. After dinner they presented awards to all the players. From Cottonwood High School Landon received his Athletic Letter for 2012 and a new award from Utah High School Activities Association; Academic All Region Baseball.

Coach Crawford, Ely, Mark, Landon, Tyler & Austin at the Baseball Banquet
A few weeks ago Landon played his last baseball game for Cottonwood High School. It was emotional for all the players but especially the seniors, knowing they had their last at bat, catching a fly ball for the last time or stepping on the mound to pitch their last strike as Colt players. These boys have all been playing since they were just little boys. I know Landon has been playing since he was four years was sad and boys don't really tell you what they are thinking but you could tell by the faces as they went to the bus that it was hard. This chapter of their life is over but they have a new chapter to begin. I know the best is yet to come for all of these boys. May all their big dreams come true...

It's over...
The last talk
Good byes to the Seniors
Leaving the field
The last bus ride back to Cottonwood
Colt Seniors: Mark Solorio, Austin, Hammer, Ely Hansgen, David William & Landon chillin' in the hot tub in Anaheim