Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robert and Kalpana's Baptism

Robert and Kalpana's Baptism

Well this week was pretty awesome. It started out very well and ended very well with a baptism and confirmation. So Robert and Kalpana were baptized by Brother Senthuran and it went very well. They were very happy. Now this Saturday Robert will baptize Raymond who is their friend and he is like a Tamil lugi… he-he. He is way awesome and was in the Tamil Tigers at one point he said. He just had his interview yesterday and it went very well and he is so ready and very excited, although recently he hasn't looked so excited because he has an ulcer so he doesn’t always look to happy.

So this week we taught our 3 Indonesians Marie, Dewi, and Yanti. Yanti is still progressing very well and she is awesome. She will probably get baptized sooner. She is still reading every day and praying, and she came to church last week. We called her Saturday and she said she might not come cause a friend was getting married. Then we called her Sunday morning and she said that she will be there for sure because all that night at work she thought about church and said she just knew she had to come. So she came and brought Dewi and Marie who we are also teaching and it was their 1st time to church, 2nd time for Yanti. She is so awesome she told us at the end she'll never miss church for the world if she can come she will be there. Dewi and Marie said they know our church is true doctrinally but, they will pray to know if it is true, still they are both already very clever in the bible so, they know a lot of deep stuff and ask a lot of deep questions. Like about why Peter denied Christ 3 times. But they are so awesome and I love them to death they are like my sisters I never had. They are going to come with us and have dinner on Saturday or Sunday next week for my birthday. We’re going to eat some delicious Indonesian food by their home together with our hands ha-ha. So should be fun they are so funny and also they fall for all the good old tricks like… what’s that on your shirt and stuff so, its way funny and they are always so happy and love to see us and love to learn the word of God.

Glenda is also doing very well. She is still learning and reading every day and loves the gospel she is so awesome, it was sad though it was her boss’s kid’s b-day Sunday so, she didn't get to come to church. But she is still doing well.

We also had dinner at an American member’s home from Texas, he feed us pork sausages and Dr. Pepper and lots of Kool-Aid, and holy crap man I was so happy. He also fed us American Grade A beef steaks.... wah! I was so happy that day ha-ha it was so amazing. And that was pretty much our week.

We also found a Pasar Malam which is like a farmers market with clothes and lots of food I'll take a picture of it, there all over Malaysia and have good food and random trinkets and stuff and its cool, I’ll get a picture for you next week.

Also here are pictures of the baptism with Robert, Kalpana, Raymond, their son Nickish, and Sanjah. Sanjah has the best smile I have ever seen and Nickish is picking up English fast and loves Primary to death.

Elder Watkins

P.S. also in the picture is Brother Senthuran. All of them are from Sri Lanka and their awesome and should be a great addition to the branch and especially after they learn English.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing Indonesian Food from Jawa!!!

Playing Badminton with some Malay Kids

Pretty Good Tamil food

Eating Freaking Amazing...Sri Lankan Food

Hey everyone,

This week was pretty freaking awesome. To start off I have had a lot of new food that’s pretty good, Sri Lankan food and some Indonesian food. The Sri Lankan food was freaking amazing and was just normal. Then we had some Indonesian food from Jawa which was amazing, Holy Cow.... one I don't know the name but, the other is called Bakso. It’s pretty good though. I don’t know what’s in it and I just know that it is a noodle soup.

So we have been teaching quite a bit of new people and some the same. Robert and Kalpana will be getting baptized this Saturday we got the problem all taken care of and it’s way exciting. They are so ready and way excited to be baptized. This will be the first family that I have baptized which is way exciting. The kids are way awesome too but, still too young. It’s amazing to see how much their youngest boy has increased in just 2 months in English from us and church.

Raymond our other Sri Lankan is going along nicely and will get baptized next week. He is way funny and we recently found out he was in the war in Sri Lanka and got hit by a grenade one time, which is crazy. He’s way cool and funny.

Glenda our Filipina is freaking amazing she is so sweet and I love her to death. She is going to get baptized on the 20th of June and she freaking rocks. I challenged her to baptism and she just said; okay she would love too since she said she already know it’s true. She has already read a ton of the Book of Mormon and she freaking rocks. She is so awesome and progressing well. The only challenge is getting her interviewed for baptism because she only has Sunday off and we have to get her interviewed on June 6th or at District Conference on June 13 which is hard because District Conference is way far away and she only has so much time off because she is a maid.

We also have Yanti who is from Indonesia she is freaking awesome she is progressing nicely she is from Medon in Indonesia and she works at a factory and is way sweet. She loves the Joseph Smith story so much and pretty much knows the whole story by heart. She always brings new friends for us to teach when we meet her. We also just put her on baptism date for June 20th or sometime around there depends on when her off day is because, its 4 days work 2 days off but, they force them to work over time for the 1st day off... which is sad but ,she is still so freaking awesome and loves church so much. We were waiting for her last night in the rain and she saw us and came running to us, she is so funny and sweet.

So we have a ton of awesome people were teaching. We are also teaching a new family a mother and a daughter from the Philippines and they are both progressing well we taught them the word of wisdom in the 1st lesson and they were already willing to accept it all, which was awesome. We found a great spot recently which has a lot of Indonesians but, it’s rough to get them to church cause of their crappy work schedule so, they have to be pretty dedicated like Yanti or have Yanti as a friend ha-ha. But it’s like leaving West Malaysia and going to East Malaysia lots of Indonesians and their languages which is many ha-ha and awesome food. It’s pretty sweet. And that’s pretty much our week.

Elder Watkins

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Pray...That's How They Get You!

Hey everyone

Well, I will just send a quick email this week. I am very sorry. One cause I just talked to you guys and 2nd cause this computer sucks that I am at and I wasted all my time waiting to load this stupid email stuff and the stupid worker here is being dumb and also smoking in here..... And it says NO SMOKING behind him...... Oh well what can you do.

Well this week is pretty awesome Glenda our Filipina investigator is freaking awesome we keep following up with her and she just continues to read and she’s cool. If you read the Book of Mormon and pray we will get you but, it’s not us it’s the Lord so that sign pretty much tells you that the church is true, if they tell you not to pray about it. But, she’s is awesome and she will be at church on Sunday and we will get to answer her questions she has for us and hopefully help her to know she has been feeling the spirit as she read and put her on baptism date :) She’s freaking awesome though.

We also have some new Filipino investigators here and there doing well. We went to teach them the plan of salvation and they asked us to answers three questions and their like please give us these answers we have always wanted to know the answers ha-ha. Now we just need to get their bums to church ha-ha.

Robert and Kalpana won't be getting baptized this week due to a problem with abortion so they both have to have further interviews with Pres. Clark’s counselor so they should get baptized, this always just puts a downer on things though... makes it harder but, if they truly know it’s true they can wait for it.

Things are going great here we recently found some cool Indonesians from Medon and they are hilarious always giggling and laughing very funny people. They were way excited to come to church right now, our only concern is they work at a factory and they work 7-7 am or pm switching so they have to be dedicated to come to church if they get off at 7am come to church them go home and sleep. So hopefully they can get a testimony quick :)This week we got lucky and they had Sunday for their off day but that switches every 4 days. One of them is related to a member here also from Maedon. So they are pretty golden if we overcome the one obstacle.

Our member from Indonesia, Sister Ima goes back to her home in Indonesia... so sad she always gave us people to teach and is very kind and sweet, it’s so sad to see her leave... but we had a party for her after church and she was happy but, also sad. She is way awesome.

Well that is all for the week.

Elder Watkins

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Surprise a day Early!

This last week was pretty awesome. This morning we went to the same Mosjid again and it was fun and a little different tour. We went with all of KL zone missionaries. Right now it is Zone Conference. I had my interview with Pres. Clark and it went well he said I will have the opportunity to become fluent in Malay and just to be patience and stuff. They are working on getting our mission on to a 12 week transfer period to make it easier with not some much randomness and so things will flow better with the new elders coming in. There are transfers coming up this weekend and then at the beginning of June since there are missionaries going home. So will see what happens.

This last week we had a visitor come from Kuching who is Iban and she is waiting for her mission call which is way exciting for her. Also last week Jacob was baptized which was freaking awesome. The sad part was that not to many people came because are members say they’re too busy.... but what can you do? But he was way happy and bore a great testimony. Then the next day at church I confirmed him a member of the church which was cool. It’s so crazy how many people are here, so many different culture… its crazy awesome. We are still working with the Sri Lankins and they should hopefully get baptized this week.

Renee is doing awesome except her parents won’t even let her come to church anymore or learn from us but she still lets us teach her but, we need to try to get her back to church again. So I guess it just wasn't her time or we are just planting the seed. It’s sad but what can you do. All we can do is pray and try to get her to come to church at least.

We started teaching this awesome family this man named Mili and his wife from the Philippines. Mili is Bidiyu from Sarawak and his wife is from Manila in the Philippines and they have five awesome children Miguel, Michael, Mica, Milano, and Joseph. So awesome. They are so cool… the only problems is they live so far away. It’s so awesome to be teaching this family as a whole and have the opportunity to have this whole family come together in this church as long as they choose to accept. The father and the kids are very accepting and very excited to read the Book of Mormon. The wife is willing and asks a lot of good questions but, is a little more skeptical but, who knows. They are a pretty cool family and I am glad to be able to teach them.

Also on Sunday an Indonesian sister brought her Filipina friend to church which is way awesome and her friend is way interested and pretty much a golden investigator. She said she had been wondering which is the right church for her and where she needed to go. She felt very good at church was very happy to be able to meet us and to receive a Book of Mormon. I can already see the Lord blessing this area with awesome people to teach. I found an awesome scripture in Alma 26:27 which was way awesome and helped me out a bunch.

Well that’s all for this week. Talk to you on Sunday.
Elder Watkins