Thursday, January 26, 2012

Man's Best Friend!

Bridger turned 5 years old today!...He has brought so much fun and joy into our lives these last five years! Happy Birthday to a great dog...may we have many more years of his unconditional love.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shoulder of a 25 year old!

When Landon was a baby I was carrying him in his car seat when I slipped and fell on our bridge.  I was so worried about dropping him that I fell on my left arm jamming my elbow up into my shoulder. Of course I was young back then and after a few weeks was back to normal.  Five years later my shoulder froze. I had a miracle cortisone shot and did physical therapy at home. And I have been good until last September I started having pain down my arm and in my back of my shoulder and neck. I tried everything that I had done before. The cortisone and physical therapy didn't work, to no avail.  I even tried acupuncture. When I went in for my followup, Dr Metcalf said that it was time. The calcification needed to be be cleaned out so the inflammation would calm down and I could get rid of the constant pain I having been experiencing for so long.

      Yesterday I went in and he scoped my shoulder. The calcium deposits had opened up two tendons and so every time I moved my arm it was pinching. That is why it was so inflamed. He cleaned it out and now they will close back up and I will be good as new in about six to eight weeks. He told Jeff though I had a shoulder of a 25 year old so nice and smooth. Here are some cool pictures of my shoulder surgery.

My 25 year old looking shoulder
The scope going in

All the Inflammation
All the Calcification
After he was finished