Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Cottonwood JV - JV Tournament Champions 4-09-09
(Landon is the one with the cute smile on the far right)

After winning all four games they played for the Championship game Thursday afternoon. I was kept posted via text messaging from Jeff. It was an exciting game...here are just a few of the game highlights: We were the home team. Top of 2nd 7 to 0 Cottonwood. Kaplan hits a home run into right field...score top of the 4th 9 to 2 Cottonwood still up. Next thing you know the bottom of the six inning we are losing 9 to 10, errors cost us 5 runs. Were up to bat with bases loaded 1 out. Kaplan is up with 2 balls and they are switching pitchers. Still down 1 run. Never give up...We won the game on a walk to tie and a full count sacrifice fly by Storey to win the game 11- 10.

Landon did get to pitch one inning in the Championship game. His goal this year was to pitch in a JV game, not only did he get to pitch in a JV game but in a championship game as well. He said he was pretty "pumped".
What a great experience for him.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Landon Pitching

Sorry it is taking me so long to tell you the outcome of the baseball tournament in San Diego, but I have been waiting for a picture...hopefully I will get it soon and will be able to tell you the outcome...don't hold your breathe I am still waiting for the picture.

Nine Mile Canyon

Saturday we went to Nine Mile Canyon for Nathan's class at SLCC called Intermountainwest a Place a Culture and a People. He has to do a power point presentation for this class and this is where he chose to go...so off we went on a day trip. We had all kinds of weather from gray skies and rain to snow and hail and lots and lots of mud. Jeff's Dad had a book on a roadside guide to the archeology, history and rock art of Nine mile canyon. It gave about 85 sites and we did pretty good in finding most of them. We had a really fun time and what incredible petroglyphs and pictographs we say. The drive was beautiful too. Here are a few pictures from our excursion.

Just testing

Just learning how to do a collage and I think it turned out really good for me being a first timer...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Landon in Lions Tournament in San Diego

Landon pitching against Granite Hills High School


Landon left last Saturday morning with Cottonwood High Schools Baseball team to go to the Lions Tournament in San Diego. They stopped in Vegas the first night and then drove to San Diego on Sunday. Jeff flew down on Monday morning and met up with him. They played Monte Vista JV team on Monday and won 19 - 6. Landon hit into right field and scored a run. Tuesday they played Granite Hills and won 16-3. Landon went into pitch the bottom of the 4th inning with bases loaded and 1 out and got two ground balls to end the inning and then finish pitching the rest of the game. He pitched a great game. This is the first year they have had JV games besides the Varsity games so it has been a good experience so far... He is playing right now against El Capitan and are up 7-1. Will update later on the outcome of the tournament after it ends Thursday.