Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No more Pins...

The pins they took out of Nathan's Hand
Yesterday they took out the three pins in Nathan's hand. They have been keeping every thing in place after his surgery. You could feel them through his skin. They made a couple of small incisions and then literally the doctor pulled them out of his hand and then stitched him up.  I couldn't watch.  The first one came out pretty easy.  But the other two he really worked at prying them out.  Nathan described it like a nail being pulled out of a wood board. Each one of them were about two inches long. Not the best picture...Nathan took it with his phone. They are really pleased with how it is healing.  He is happy to be out of his splint and will go for Physical Therapy tomorrow.
The two small incisions where they took the pins out...the scar on the top of his hand is where they went in to do his surgery.