Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Why should a mission be easy for us when it was always hard for him (Christ)."

Well another week is down. It's starting to get real close, but I'm definitely ready to get out of here. It isn't bad here in the MTC, but I'm just ready to get out and try attempting to teach people ha-ha. My goal is to pretty much be able to say what I need by Christmas which I should be able to. We got an email about some travel stuff today on things we need to prepare and we are supposed to get our travel plans this Friday so in two days. I'll be sure to send a copy of them home on Saturday so you can get them by Monday or Tuesday hopefully. My guess is SLC to LA then LA to Hong Kong and then to Thailand, which is how the Thai's before us went.

As for this week things that happened on Wednesday night we helped teach the new Italians Elders that came in. I taught with Elder Smith and it was such a good, fun experience. I had Elder Will Anderl in our classroom who played basketball at Cottonwood. We just taught them a whole bunch of things and took them around the MTC and you could just tell they were so nervous and scared which was funny. Still been playing Volleyball every day because it is fun to just tear it up ha-ha. Funniest is when Elder Crump and I jump up to spike it and you make people jump and get scared or scream ha-ha.

This week we finally finished our last grammar principle so now we will be doing lots of preparing and stuff for Thailand so not too sure what we will be doing now, but we can see the end of our stay coming up.

Saturday was an awesome day. First we had TRC and Elder Keller and I taught a guy named David who has been home from his mission like 3 months who is also the same person we taught last week. We taught him the first lesson about God's love for us and Families and the Restoration. We honestly had one of the coolest experiences. When I was teaching him about families and stuff you could tell something was up and he said his family wasn't doing too well. I was feeling the spirit so strong, so I had him read this scripture in 3 Nephi like chapter 18; I think, but I can't remember, but it says something about how we need to pray for our families and stuff. Then after they give us a little feedback thing but our Teacher told us that he had some revelation that he needed to go pray for his family.  It was awesome because it felt like the spirit we brought in teaching the lesson helped him to receive that and I just thought it was so cool.

That night it was Bro. Booth's birthday so we brought the cake from Grandma Watkins and just took off my name and number and we all had cake as a class. Elder Crump and I got him the funniest present, I'll have to send some pictures from it. Elder Crump and I are getting the best birthday gifts for people ha-ha. We did one for Sister Norrell her birthday was on Monday and we are doing another for Sister Bentley that we bought today, hers is on Saturday. We are pretty creative. The girl at the bookstore loves us and we always tell her what we are going to do and she thinks we are hilarious, but can we blame her. She's like well, my birthday is on the 10th are you guys getting me something, so we will have to figure something out for that. It's getting hard there are only so many funny things we can find in the bookstore. 

On Sunday we had our musical number with the Elder's in our district ha-ha. It actually went pretty good. You can say I got my singing skills from Dad, right Mom? Ha-ha we sang I know That My Redeemer Lives and we definitely brought the spirit into the room which is what matters. They said we were the next One Direction ha-ha. Haters got Hate but that's ok ha-ha.

Let's see, well for my last story. I met some other Elders and Sisters from the building next store and we met this one named Elder Benjamin Dass who is from Malaysia. I was like hey, I've been there; that's where my brother served. I was like where in Malaysia and he's like KL and I said; I've been there!! That's where my brother served! Then he said his older brother served in that mission around the same time Nate did, so Nate probably knows an Elder Dass I'm assuming. He was Indian, so awesome! He is going to St. George on his mission. Crazy, how a connection can work like that.

Last night we had a pretty cool devotional H. Brian Richards from the 70’s spoke and he showed a clip from Jeffrey R. Holland which said "Why should a mission be easy for us when it was always hard for him (Christ)." I thought that was cool and I never thought a mission was easy and it isn't ha-ha, but anything that has ever meant something to me is something that I've worked hard for so what better motivation to keep serving. I'm all about the strong mentality ha-ha. I haven't ever really been mad here which is awesome, just because I'm doing well at just brushing off those little dumb things. Well I guess that is it for this week I hope you all have a good week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turning Nineteen in the MTC

Hey Everyone!

How's everyone doing? It feels like I just had p-day but here we go again. It was another pretty good week especially my b-day. First I'll just try and go day by day, so let’s start with after last p-day. First Elder Keller and I had a lesson teaching Bro. Olsen about the plan of salvation and just totally knocked it out of the park. He was so into it and wanting to learn more and loved how we showed we cared for him. Then we found out some bad news. Brother Phan our other teacher got fired for not scheduling for a sub one day while he was on his honeymoon :( pretty sad. He was so awesome and it stinks to have to see him go. We all sent him an email to him last week but he didn't respond. So we really don't know how he is doing.

So, we have like this chip clip where we like to stick it on each other’s shirts and see how long we can get them not to notice it is on them and it’s just been an ongoing game with the Elders in our district. Then, I took it to a whole nother level and clipped Bro. Olsen and everyone in the class was laughing so hard because of what I did; he couldn't teach and Sister Jackson ended up telling him it was on him, but still it was pretty legendary.

On to Thursday, we now have Bro. Thrap who is our new teacher replacing Bro. Phan who is actually also way awesome so at least we got someone new that we all really like. I got to be the investigator for demonstrating teaching in front of the class again which was pretty fun. I love being an investigator because you can just be whoever you want! Then we had class with Bro. Ols and he is so cool pretty much gave us an awesome shoutout for being so good; if you can believe that. While the Sisters taught him, Elder Smith and Vance taught Elder Keller and I as investigators. After that we read the BoM as a class and we read Alma 48 and it is just way fun to all read it together and share thoughts and learn and feel the spirit together. 

Thursday was pretty good Bro. Olsen was sick from eating leftovers from Costa Vida and we were like no wonder because you chose Vida or Cafe Rio…Rookie Mistake. We learned how to share scriptures more effectively in our lesson which has been a huge help so far. Bro. Booth went to dinner with us again on Friday and was subbing for Bro. Thrap and we learned some new language stuff and culture which is always awesome.

Elder Crump and I have been making it a goal to stretch out every night so we can get better at sitting criss-cross-applesauce since we find that when sitting on the floor for lessons we can't walk after because it hurts so bad, it's a work in progress. We can't Asian squat yet either without holding onto something or destroying our knees so we are still figuring that one out. 

Saturday was TRC and we had a sub Bro. Shipley. We have officially had every single Thai teacher here, which is pretty cool we've experienced all of them. We had TRC and we taught these 2 RM's but I can't remember their names. It was so cool it was our first 40 minute TRC lesson. I don't know why but length of lessons has never been a problem. We can just go forever. It's partly because our Thai is horrible ha-ha and we take forever to spit things out but still it's really coming along. After our awesome lesson Bro Booth started helping us memorize that First vision in Thai and after yesterday I officially have half of it down. We will finish it by Saturday.

As for Sunday we got released, me as DL and the ZL’s; so now my Sundays will be more relaxed which is nice no more meetings ha-ha. Elder Keller is the new DL. Then we had Priesthood Meeting and Elder Keller and I taught for 10 minutes about the atonement to our whole zone which was pretty cool. Crazy to do those things in English now. Then at the devotional we had the most awesome experience. Sister Jackson in our district also had 2 twin sisters that are younger than her in the MTC; they just left in the last 2 days, but the musical number for the whole MTC was performed by them! They played the one song from 17 Miracles and they did such an amazing job. Crazy to have three sisters together on missions in the MTC at the same time. Be hard to handle as parents, I'd think. We watched the “Character of Christ” by Bednar again. If you haven't watched that yet, check it out!

So Monday I bought Jesus the Christ and will start reading that. It seems pretty awesome and I just bought it one my MTC card since I had like 20+ dollars I decided I should start using it. We had some deeper doctrinal questions during class on Monday and everyone in our district was really into it but Elder Smith and me. We are pretty easy going when it comes to that stuff because we just feel like it doesn't matter and we don't have a problem wondering about it. I love Elder Smith he is so funny!

I also went to the Health Clinic to figure out my tooth and she’s calls you on the phone Mom while I am sitting right there and I could hear your voice, which was way cool! I was sitting with Elder Crump and he said to me just yell, Hi Mom ha-ha, but I didn't. I got a dentist appointment the next day at 9:45. This leads into Tuesday which was my B-day! So first we had class at 8 where Elder Keller and I taught Bro. Thrap and we taught him the plan of salvation and it went way well just like Bro. Olsen’s lesson which was sweet. Then it was time to go to the dentist. Lets gooo…going to the real world which was way sweet seeing real people ha-ha. We went into the dentist office and real music was playing and I was like this is the greatest thing ever, but if they numb my mouth or say I can't eat I'm going to be, lit! Luckily I didn't have to get my mouth numbed or any restrictions from eating so I was pretty stoked about that. I was a nice get away to be honest. My tooth is all good now, just my retainer is a little weird but it will fix itself I'm pretty sure.

I decided to switch it up from playing b-ball in gym and played some volleyball. I've still got it, that's all I got to say. Those Jr. High days are paying off ha-ha. I was having a blast because I was the only one jumping up, throwing down some spikes which was sweet! Except my shoulder is a bit sore ha-ha. Then we had our Devo which was alright, but we had a review after and I came up with the coolest analogy about missionary work and basketball so I'll tell you the general gist of it. So you have 5 players on the court and only 1 sub. You've got Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, BoM, and you. You've got you're one sub, your companion. You've got the Godhead and the BoM that never get tired and whenever you get tired you can sub out with your companion to get so rest and jump back in the game. I compared it to playing a game where you teach your lessons and score points by how things go and like committing them to baptism it is like hitting a three pointer going into half time ha-ha. Then you are like playing with Satan and trying to score more points than he does to finally win the game. You also have all your friends and family, who are your fans, cheering you on the whole way. Also, all the teachers over the years are your coaches who have been preparing you for this your whole life. I thought it was cool, but that pretty much it.

Tell Grandma Watkins and Grandma Berlin, thanks for the packages the zucchini bread and cake so awesome! You guys are the greatest. Also tell everyone thanks for the birthday wishes especially Grandpa Watkins. I wish I could write you all but I just don't have time. Elder Crump gave me a card which was way awesome and hilarious. He's such a great friend.

Elder Smith got me the greatest birthday gift ever. So ever since we got here I'd make sister jokes every once and  while just to tease Elder Smith so he goes ahead and tells his mom to tell his sister Tori to write me a birthday letter ha-ha. Honestly the funniest most creative letter ever. I read it out loud in our room and we were all dying of laughter it was so funny! So shoutout to Tori for giving us a great laugh and something we will always remember. She also gave me some candy and money which is so funny I don't know why, but I'm not complaining, it was pretty awesome. She's a nice sister to help out Elder Smith. Elder Smith and I are creating some hilarious memories especially with our late night chats because we can't fall asleep, but everyone else does, so we just talk, which is way awesome. I love Elder Smith and his family is pretty sweet, so I thank all of them! That was really about it for this week. Feels like this is a way long letter so enjoy! 

Love Elder Watkins

Friday, July 19, 2013

Backing Trip in the Unitas

Nathan started bugging Jeff and I about going on a backpacking-fishing weekend in the Unitas months ago...I like hiking as long as I can come back to a shower and bed! This is not one of those trips...I was content to stay home and mow the lawn :) I don't know how much their packs weighed when they left, but when Jeff put his on my back I felt like I was going to tip over backwards...ha-ha! Nathan even has a two man tent in his. This is just before they left this morning...smiling faces! I sure hope they are smiling when they get home!!!

I am not sure what lake this is but it is one of the many they saw on their trip.  Totally worth the hike. It was funny because Saturday night I got a text saying they would call after they finished eating at the Hanna Cafe, but get the Deep Blue out to rub on Nathan's sore shoulders. When I finally talked to them...Nathan was content from his ground round and onion rings and Jeff a mushroom burger and fries. Jeff was tired but fine when he arrived home, but the twenty-three year old was sore :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Spiders the size of Baseballs...

Hey Everyone!

Well another week down, which feels pretty good! Only like 3½ - 4 weeks left. I can't wait to get to Thailand! I'm having a hard time thinking of what to tell you all about because we are always, really doing the same thing, nothing much really changes. Last Thursday we did this BoM reading game which was pretty cool where we all came up with a question, wrote it on the board and then picked a chapter in the BoM to read as a class and as we were reading if you found the answer to someones question, you taught that person the answer, which was way cool and fun.

The next day was way cool, in class we had Brother Phan teach us, who is finally back from getting married. I volunteered to be our investigator for the class so Bro. Phan teaches me and I just make up a story and my name is Dasche ha-ha but it was such a fun, cool experience to role play. I loved it! It was hard to always understand what he was saying but I thought I did a pretty good job talking to him in Thai ha-ha. Then that night I also got my package from you guys which was amazing! Some awesome treats and the fuel band! The fuel band is honestly the greatest thing ever! It’s so comfy and just looks like a regular wristband, so no one will want to steal it but my roommates, because they think it’s awesome. 

On Saturday we had our usual TRC and we taught Jessica again and with a guy name Ethan this time they were way awesome and so nice and that lesson went really well. Then there was a little surprise for us. Some Khon Thai's... Native people that grew up in Thailand. They were from Udon so they speak Isan or something like that. We are learning traditional Thai which is what most people speak but their dialect was so hard to understand that we could hardly understand anything she was saying, her nickname was Cat, but her real name was way longer. She actually lives in Salt Lake and goes to the Thai ward that is in Murray which is pretty cool and her brother went to Murray High School. I'll definitely be visiting the Thai ward when I get back. That was sort of a hard day because it seemed like we couldn't speak any Thai ha-ha, but oh well, it will come!

Then later that night we had Bro. Booth teach us about some of the culture, which was cool; it was a good lesson. He taught us like gestures, how to bow and stuff because you don't shake hands, ever. He taught us some royal words and stuff apparently there is a royal dictionary of words that is as big as the regular Thai dictionary. Then he told us some stories, like apparently there are just these huge spiders about the size of baseballs that are everywhere and get into your apartment and they can jump like as high as your chest so you just have to swat them out of the air and burn them with electric flyswatters, he said which is the best way to kill them. You can't really step on them he said because they just jump, so that kind of gives me the Willy’s, but whatever. He also said that there are little geckos’ in your apartment which are way cool and you can just put them anywhere, behind your ear and they just hang out which is pretty cool. Listening to him tell stories got me so excited to go! He said electric flyswatters are must have though, so if they aren't in your apartment, just buy them when you get there, so I’ll be getting one of those.

Brother Booth above and Brother Olson below...and their artwork

So as for Sunday we had a zone meeting with the Branch Presidents and some changes are kind of being made in regards to companionships, like in our district the sisters companionships got switched up. Sister Jackson is now with Bentley and Norrell with Downs. Before it was Bentley and Norrell. Some Elders have been getting switched up too, but I'm not sure about ours, we may get switched or we may just go on an exchange for a few days up to the branch presidency. 

Monday we did service which was pretty crappy because I had to scrub brick walls for like an hour and my hands were like cramping up and hurting all day, who knows why we were doing that; kinda weird. Then we got new investigators again Rex and Jordan which is Elder Crump and Beatty. We have started teaching each other now as investigators which is pretty fun. Then I also got an awesome package from Andy Nielsen. Thanks Andy so many goodies! Been slowly munching on all the snacks. Take them to the devotional and stuff ha-ha.

Oh and a little quote from Brother Phan he said; "The easy path makes rivers and men alike, crooked." I thought that was pretty cool. Also yesterday was a pretty good day we got our breakfast of champions! Then we had a devotional at night and I got lucky enough to sit by Clay the whole time! I didn't bring a camera and as soon as he turned his on it died, so no picture of us sorry. But we talked a bunch about Russian and Thai. He said he's glad he's not learning Thai because it sounds way harder then Russian. I'm sure Russian isn't easy though either, but he said the alphabet and half the letters are like English but none of mine are ha-ha and plus my alphabet is twice the size! It was so funny though. Also, Richard G. Hinckley spoke to us, whose President Hinckley’s son which was way cool he was just like President Hinckley, way calm and had similar looks!

The Romanian and Italians all leave this Monday and they get a new shipment on next Wednesday so they have no leaders to greet them. Their Branch President asked ours if some of our leaders could help welcome them. So next Wednesday Elder Crump, Beatty, Smith, and I and the Sister Training Leaders will teach the new missionaries going to Italy and Romania about the MTC. That will be way fun I'm pretty excited to teach them all about this place, it’s pretty easy. Oh and also I will be teaching a piece of the lesson in Elder's Quorum on Sunday which will be fun! I get to teach in English ha-ha; that will be easy!

That's all for this week! Love you all! Oh and last thing I'm preparing everyone in my room for Thailand I'm making them all use the bathroom like Thai's so the “Asian Squat”, it’s so funny! I love it though, Nate knows how it is hoses are the greatest can't wait to use those there, since we can't here :(. Love you all!


Elder Watkins

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oatmeal is the Breakfast of Champions

Hey Everyone!

We started SYL for all of class for 3 hours straight which is pretty crazy and hard sometimes but we can handle it pretty good now. Thanks for the gift of tongues we can handle it ha-ha. Bro. Olsen is such an awesome teacher and he love us and everyone thinks he likes me the most to ha-ha but can I blame him?

We had a devotional for the 4th of July and it was short and Steven Laney spoke and then we got to watch 17 Miracles! Which was pretty cool! Then we went out and watched the fireworks for the stadium of fire.

On Friday we taught Phii Joe (Bro. Olsen) and we only had 10 minutes to teach, so Elder Keller and I decided to not do our regular lesson and ask him if he had any questions. Then he asked us some questions and the spirit helped us to answer them all perfectly and I had no idea what we were saying ha-ha but thanks to the gift of tongues we got it done. Then we talked to him after and he said he was way impressed at how good of a job we did, so that was pretty cool! Then our old teacher Bro. Phan was supposed to be back but wasn't and so we didn't have a teacher for an hour then the sub Brother Booth taught us; who is our teacher on Saturday nights. Saturday was the first time it rained the whole time we have been in the MTC, how crazy. It has been nothing but sun for like 3-4 weeks and it was such an awesome thunderstorm and we just sat outside for a bit since we didn't have a teacher! 

Saturday was TRC which is way fun we taught about the role of revelation through prayer and we taught a girl named Jessica and Erin which was way cool they were way fun and so nice to teach since our Thai sucks, they probably only laugh because ours is so bad! We also taught a guy named Alexander who was pretty quiet but I felt we taught a way effective lesson. After that we had class at night with Bro. Booth and we all became investigators and taught some people. I taught my companion and Elder Smith taught me as an investigator my name is Dasche which is a sweet name, probably will name one of my kids that if my wife will let it happen ha-ha!  It was way fun I love Elder Smith he has the most contagious laugh and is way fun to joke around with! It was his birthday and we all signed a birthday card and stuff for him and he loved it! It's crazy to think he just barely graduated this year and is older than me! So weird, ha-ha.

Oh and officially Oatmeal here is the greatest thing you can eat and if you are lucky enough to get the biscuits and gravy too. It’s the breakfast of champion’s ha-ha. Then the last few days they’ve stopped making it sometimes and we've decided it’s because if Elder Crump or I accidently eat before we pray and the Lord seems to know. Hopefully we get oatmeal tomorrow because we didn't today, which was lame.

We now can go into the cafeteria in p-day clothes now which is awesome you used to not be able to and you had to get sack lunches instead, but not anymore! Sack lunches are worse than this food. Sunday was a pretty awesome day though we had our first Mission Conference in the morning which was way cool and I took some good notes. Whenever we have good devotional I like I tape the notes in my journal which is cool! Then we had testimony meeting which was way cool I beared my testimony can you believe that! Only because I was thinking about why I was fasting that day for my family and friends and learning the language and all that and I wanted something more too fast for and I was doing my personal reading for the day my 4 chapters and I was reading in Alma 6:6 and you can check out what it says but pretty much gave me the answer that I can be fasting for people I'll meet in Thailand that they will be ready for the gospel which was way awesome! So I shared the little experience with our branch which was cool. Then that night we watch a “Character of Christ” by David A. Bednar which is an amazing talk it’s about an hour but if you haven't seen it you definitely need to check it out, but its definitely something you all should watch it will change you! 

Monday was cool we learned about the role of the holy ghost in conversion which was awesome and we watched a little clip by Bednar and he said, Quit worrying about if it’s the spirit telling you what you are going to say or just your own thoughts focus on the investigator. You will find out later if it was the spirit or not. Then he told us a story about the 20 Marks and Boyd K Packard you should also check that story out too if you haven't read it it’s also way awesome. 

Tuesday was just a great day we got the Breakfast of Champions!!! We just had class in the morning and learned about the Plan of Salvation then studied all afternoon until the devotional which was pretty sweet. We always have a district review with a member of the Branch Presidency after and the Laotian Elders always join us because there is only 4 but this week no member of the Branch Presidency showed up so as District Leader I took charge of the meeting and it was a way cool testimony meeting, way spiritual and a good time. District leader here is pretty easy we just have to get the mail, go to two meetings on Sundays, and just take care of prayers and stuff for class, not too bad.

Oh and today at lunch I saw Forrest Fogg and talked to him for like 20 minutes it was way fun to talk to him he had some great stories and gave us a good laugh! That's all for this week though pretty long letter it seems I think. I'm just trying to make Mom happy ha-ha! :) Love you all!

Love Elder Watkins

Sister Jackson, Sister Downs, Elder Crump, Elder Her and Me
Elder Crump and Me
Our District at the Temple and at the Big World Map...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pictures from the first Three Weeks at the MTC

Walking to the Provo Temple
With my companion
View from the Temple
Landon with his baseball buddy Ely Hansgen from Cottonwood
District in our room with  Elder Black in the back
Our Classroom

Cafe Rio...

Hey Family!

How's everything back in Salt Lake City? How was the reunion? Tell all, what’s going on, I like to hear about it!

Well as for here, it’s hard to know what to tell you guys because we do the same things pretty much every week. I guess the big news is I got made District Leader this week ha-ha. Elder Crump and Elder Beatty were made the new Zone Leaders. The older Thai's left on Monday and are now in Thailand! I'm so jealous! Feels like we should be going. Time goes fast and slow just depends on what’s going on its weird.

So last Wednesday we went and got haircuts and I told the lady, can I get like a 5 or 6 on the sides and she's like sorry they won't like us doing anything but 2, 3, or 4. Then I was like, child please are you serious? So I went with a 4, then I said just take like 3/4 of an inch off the top because my hair was pretty long and she chops off like an inch and 1/2! So my hair is pretty short but it’s slowly getting back into shape, I felt naked for a little bit. We always look forward to when we get pizza and we got Papa John’s for dinner that night, which was nice.

We then taught Joe (Bro. Olsen) which went pretty well for our first lesson. We committed him to baptism and taught him how to pray. The next day we had a sub because Brother Phan is out of town who is our other teacher. He was getting married and then going on his honey moon which is understandable. One of the other teachers substituted his name was Bro. Burgess and he was so funny and we got him distracted and got him to tell us just a bunch of awesome stories about Thailand!

Over the course of the week me and Elder Crump tore up some kids in 2 on 2 basketball. We didn't get to try for our record because tons of people have been showing up and the challenge us and so we aren't going to back off. We have a 5-0 record in 2 on 2 now, so that’s good.

We taught Joe again about the restoration and we did so good and he said we did a great job bearing testimony and making him feel the spirit which was sweet. Then we had our sub Brother Sanchez who is the man! He is so funny and just an amazing linguist. He spoke Hmong for his mission and now can speak English, Spanish, Thai, Laotian, and Hmong fluently. He is Mexican and we talk to him and he has like a regular English accent but he doesn’t have a Mexican accent impression which is the funniest thing ever, he is awesome. He subs for like any class in our zone because he speaks everything.

That night we got Cafe Rio from Elder Crump’s little brother! Best meal we've had so far we just sat on the grass by the fence because our residence hall is in the perfect spot. His brother drives up gives us all the stuff and we put it in the boxes of what we've gotten packages in, so no one would know what we had snuck into our rooms, closed the door and had the best meal of our lives. 

Saturday was our first TRC which was way awesome, I loved it! We taught a guy named Bro. Kunz who got back from Thailand about 2 months ago; he was way cool and helps us a lot with learning. Then we just taught Bro. Thrap who is one of the teachers for Thai here because they didn't have enough people. 

Sunday night was way cool Robert P. Swenson who is going to be the new Brazil MTC spoke and shared a great message about missionary work. He was way energetic and it was just great to feel the spirit so strongly. Last night we had the Tuesday night devotional at the Marriott Center which was pretty good. The 2nd counselor in the Sunday school presidency spoke and he shared a great message about being A REAL MISSIONARY. It was way cool and he gave us lots of new insights on things. 

Since we don't have the temple anymore we just woke up this morning and did laundry which was nice so now we have nothing until 6 today. Oh and we taught Brother Sanchez on Monday which was way cool. I honestly felt like for the first time I had the gift of tongues. We'd ask him questions and he'd respond and I could actually understand what he was saying! Lets gooo! Ha-ha usually we just pretend like we know what they are saying and nod ha-ha. It was a way cool experience and it was one of our best lessons we've given. Then last night Elder Crump, Beatty and I all met together to do some leadership stuff and we prayed together and we received some revelation for things for our district and zone it was sooooo cool!!
Elder Landon J Watkins