Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Cottonwood JV - JV Tournament Champions 4-09-09
(Landon is the one with the cute smile on the far right)

After winning all four games they played for the Championship game Thursday afternoon. I was kept posted via text messaging from Jeff. It was an exciting game...here are just a few of the game highlights: We were the home team. Top of 2nd 7 to 0 Cottonwood. Kaplan hits a home run into right field...score top of the 4th 9 to 2 Cottonwood still up. Next thing you know the bottom of the six inning we are losing 9 to 10, errors cost us 5 runs. Were up to bat with bases loaded 1 out. Kaplan is up with 2 balls and they are switching pitchers. Still down 1 run. Never give up...We won the game on a walk to tie and a full count sacrifice fly by Storey to win the game 11- 10.

Landon did get to pitch one inning in the Championship game. His goal this year was to pitch in a JV game, not only did he get to pitch in a JV game but in a championship game as well. He said he was pretty "pumped".
What a great experience for him.


Kathy said...

Way to go Landon! It looks like a fun trip!

jen hulet said...

I would be happy to make a background for you! Just let me know what you want. Leave a comment on my family blog because i don't always check the comments on my background blog!