Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Were Back in Business...

Family Home Evening with Helen

Well, I was on yesterday because we were at the Changi Airport in Singapore with 2 hours before our flight to leave so we were just using the free internet mainly to read about Elder Schone. So what you know about him from the email is pretty much everything we know. His parents are on the way to here now and it will be awhile till he gets back to America. It really is such a bad accident but, so many miracles also. 

So we just got back from Singapore we went in Monday and came back yesterday we pulled a U-turn and it was kind of intense but, we had no problems with immigration. But, the custom guy checked my bag and started looking through our supplies then he found a picture of Christ and said; “Oh you’re the ones from the church.” No problem just go on through ha-ha. So no problems and now were back in business. 

Sadly Ah Yong didn't get baptized because his work schedule changed at the last minute and so we had to just move it to this week so it should be pretty good.  This week we have got Selester and Ah Yong getting baptized and it is going to be pretty awesome. Selester went back to Kampong and came back even better at prayer than she was before. She also brought her mom to see her get baptized and the mom seems kind of interested. She also brought a bunch of relatives with her that will be here for a couple months then go back and then they will come back during the holiday breaks. So we got some cool new people from her to teach and couple of them came to church and had a great time with the members and made a bunch of friends.   From the sisters we have got 3 baptisms, a girl named Welsy who is the child of a PM family but, now everyone is coming to church. They have got 2 others, a young engaged couple who are way cool and they are getting baptized this Saturday. Along with some child of record baptisms from the PM family so this Saturday there with be 6 baptisms in the KK Branch! :)

Sister Jemimi's nephew is working towards baptism now; he wants it but, he is just so confused and his life has been pretty rough. Since his mom wanted to divorce his dad he has had rough times. His dad is working in KL and will be coming to KK to work soon and he'll be here with his son. Hopefully with them both here it will work out better and he'll be more open. Since back in Kampong his mom just doesn't really care about him he just goes around and is kind of a gangster. But, he is coming to church and making changes. So we hope when his dad comes back it will be easier for him to receive baptism. He wants it. He is just confused and not quite sure what to do because his mom is SDA and his dad likes our church and actually learned a bit before he went to KL. But, Sister Jemimi said that he still wants to learn when he gets back from KL. 

Also on the subject of Sister Jemimi she used to be a pedicurist and she actually fixed my toe :) It is so much better and it feels so much better; she is the best ha-ha. She saw my toe because my socks were off since they were wet and she said Elder Apa hal?!?! Kaki Kau sakit dan kau tak bagitahu saya. Saya boleh bikin.  She said; “what the crap elder, it is sick and you didn't tell me and I can fix it really fast,” Ha-ha so she did and now I am walking with ease. She is way cool. We went and made them macaroni and cheese last week for them for helping us out a lot and fixing my toe and they loved it; 1 cause Malaysians love cheese the only thing is cheese is expensive here so they loved it. But, the problem was I put it too much milk.... so it didn't taste as cheesy but, they loved us for it and it was a reward for the referrals they give us.

Wendy is still doing good we taught her again Wednesday night and Saturday. Wednesday we taught her and her sister-in-law who has got some depression. We gave her a blessing and taught about the Book of Mormon and that how church and the scriptures can bring us closer to Christ and help us become happier. At the end of the lesson we could tell that she was happier and she really liked what we taught. We also taught her and Madam Yap again Saturday and it went really well. Madam Yap has 1 kid and we are teaching him also, he is 11 years old and has ADHD but, he is super cool and really enjoyed church on Sunday. We taught them the plan of salvation and Wendy loved it because her husband passed away and she was concerned in what she needed to do for him. We taught her about temples and she was pumped to get baptized then get to the temple to do the work for her husband. At the end of the lesson we were going to teach her word of wisdom; which I was totally scared to teach them but, we went with it and low and behold they had no problems with the word of wisdo

Me knocking on doors
Things are going really good right now and we have quite a bit of people to work with now. Wendy is really helping us out a lot and it is sweet. We had a appointment fall through the other day but, it worked out we had to go knocking a bit and the first door we knocked on she let us in and she was a young single mother of 2 kids who are hilarious and it was like she was waiting for us to knock on her door. She said that day she always works but, it was the first time she took it off and then we knocked on her door. She said she had heard of the book of Mormon and actually seen one back in Kampong but, never read one yet and was excited to receive one. So in that little bit of time we toughed it up and keep working and the Lord blessed us as usual.

We haven't talked to Elder Blissett in a couple of days because we have been in Singapore but, it is rainy season so I guess flooding can happen. We don't have any flooding here but, right now we have a lot of rain and it just dumped about 10 minutes ago and it still going. Things are still awesome in KK and lovin' every minute of it.

Elder Watkins

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