Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Activity Day at Hogle Zoo

Today for Activity Day we went to the Hogle Zoo...our cute girls on the Polar Bear Statue. Kaylee, Aurie, Chelsie, Lauryn, Rachel, Remi, and Jasmine.
We were first in line to get into the Bird Show and had the best seats in the house. Shady and right in the path of swooping birds...the girls were ducking and squealing! So Fun!
The Bald Eagle was awesome and put on a great show for us.
Jasmine was the only one that wanted her picture taken in the Eagles Nest.
Rizzo the new polar bear at the new Rocky Shores Exhibit...he did not disappoint the huge crowd.
He keep swimming right up to the window and then would push off from the glass.
Just chillin' in the water...
I could have watched him for hours...polar bears are my favorite!
The Grizzlie cub just getting out of the water
A great morning at the Zoo. Thanks to Kathy for getting us all in! It has changed so much since I last went. We forget how many neat things we have right here in are own backyards. If you haven't been in need to go. I want to go back for more!

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Julie Williams said...

I have been wanting to go, and now seeing your pictures I really want to go! It looks really cool up there! Looks like you had a wonderful day and that bird show is awesome!