Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Button Pushed" Here we go Again!!!

Our Future Missionary
You can submit your mission papers 120 days before your availability date. Today was the day! Late this afternoon we received a text from our Bishop saying..."BUTTON PUSHED! Now the waiting begins, with the age change it might take a little longer than the usual but, we are hoping maybe January 30th. I am so happy for him but, extremely nervous.

I don't know if anyone even reads our blog any more but, we would love you tell us your guess on where you think he might be called to serve. Who knows maybe someone will win this time. No one guessed Singapore or Malaysia for Nathan.


Foster said...


Darcey said...

I am excited to hear! I will guess the mysterious land of Canada:-) .

Amanda Bj. said...

hmmmmm, can I guess a region? How about Central America somewhere or Finland. I'm excited to hear where he goes.

Mary Ann said...