Monday, December 2, 2013

Baptism...Round Three!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 25
Week 16 in Ayutthaya

Monday, December 02, 2013

Hey Everyone!

This week was literally the craziest and hardest week ever to get balanced key indicators! First things first though, we had Mission Tour Zone Conference on Tuesday. Wednesday the sickness hit Thursday was Thanksgiving and on Thursday and Friday I almost died from the sickness and then by Saturday I was doing better. We had an emergency baptism for the other Elders and then Sunday 2 more baptisms just sooo crazy but we managed to pull it all off!

So first things first, Mission Conference on Tuesday! That was literally so sweet except waking up at 4:30 a.m. to go down to Pak Kret, but it was all worth it because we combined with the Bangkok West Zone and Elder Unsworth is in that zone so I got to hang out with him like the whole day!! It was so sweet I loved that guy and missed him so much. We had Elder Wilson come from the 70. I think he is the 2nd Counselor in the Asia Area Presidency, if I remember right. He was a way good trainer and he really stressed how important it was helping our investigators to read the Book of Mormon and understand what is going on and get them interested to keep reading. It made me feel way good too because I have been stressing reading the Book of Mormon with our investigators so much, so I just felt like I was kind of already doing what he said, for the most part. President Senior also did some sweet training and really encouraged us to get our recent converts doing their family history. 

Wednesday was also way sweet too, even though that is when I got sick but I took a nap for like an hour before we went out and I had just enough energy to get through that, but we went out to Brother Nongs house for the first time, I'd never been, but it was way sweet. I didn't even know, but he literally has his own house right next to his parents. It is so cool and just the most relaxed house, it was so fun to hang out with him and help do some service around his place. We got to meet some people at his insurance place that he works at and one happened to be Sister Mod's sister in law so that was interesting we invited her to her sisters baptism.

So pretty much Thursday and Friday, I died. No sleep either nights, just running to the bathroom and all that. Nooooooooo fun and the worst was it was Thanksgiving and the best food ever was served I'm sooooooo jealous I didn't get any mashed potatoes and gravy :(((((((((((((((((((( It smelled amazing, but I just slept in the church while they all ate because I had no desire to eat, whatsoever. We did get permission to watch 17 Miracles after the feast too. I was able to watch about maybe half of that, but then couldn't do it anymore, so I slept. That was about it. 

Friday was similar. I slept all day except when I went to the hospital and they gave me some medication to help me get better, which was nice. We also got a sweet Christmas CD at the Mission Tour and they have some way good Christmas songs on there, so that was nice to listen to while I was dying at least. 

Saturday I slept all morning and finally got a little energy to go out to the baptism we had for Brother Five. He was the other Elders investigator. They literally taught him everything in a week so they could reach the one baptism a companionship for our whole mission in the month of November. So speaking of that, this November we made history in the Thailand Mission. As a Mission we had 109 people baptized and 62 less actives brought back into the church, that is incredible. 80% of the companionships in the mission had a baptism, how awesome is that!?

Now for Sunday woooooooooo! Sister Mod and Brother Boon got baptized!!!!!!! It was soooooooo sweet because Sister Mod has been an investigator since around like April and has just been giving missionaries tons of problems, but these last 3 weeks we've worked with her. She literally has changed like crazy. She had gone from being angry and having health problems to so happy, healthy, and loving. It is soooo great and we are so happy she finally got baptized. Her husband David from England came on Friday so that he could baptize his wife and son so that was really special! Also Sister Nub was confirmed, which was great! She says she feels so refreshed and is happy to be a member of the church, it was really special.

The Shaw Family

It was a really cool crazy week and we pulled it all off! I'm doing a lot better health wise, too which is nice! Today we are just planning on having some fun and going to Bang Pa In Palace which should be cool I'll tell you about that next week! Love you all and have a great week! :)


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