Monday, March 23, 2009

Learning more about Nathan's Mission...

Reading his call..."I will be laboring in the Singapore mission learning the language Indonesian."

Looking at the map to find where Singapore is.

The Petronas Tower from the movie Entrapment with Sean Connery and Katherine Zeta Jones are in in Malaysia where Nathan will be serving.

The big city in Malaysia

Here are a few pictures of Nathan opening his call...We had two just recently returned missionaries from Nathan's mission come over last night, Rob Sargent and his friend Chad. It was so fun to have them tell us what it was like. Even though his mission covers several countries he will probably spend most of his time serving in East and West Malaysia and Singapore. He will also learn to speak Malay besides Indonesian. The Book of Mormon is not printed in Malay so they use the Indonesian Book of Mormon and Bible. The church is really growing over there. They had over 1400 baptisms last year. They live in apartments usually with four elders together. The temperature year round is between 80° and 90° with 90 percent humidity since they are right on the equator. They said they have never sweat so much. It isn't unusual for them to ride their bikes fifty miles a day. These were just a few of the things they share with us.


The Hatch Family said...

That is great info. Our sons will both come back tan. We will be the fair maidens. :)

jeffandlorraine said...

What a neat place to serve!!! Congrats Nathan! You'll be an awesome missionary!