Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Foods...Shark Fin Soup and wash it down with Cat's Eye!

Yum...Shark Fin soup!?!

Nama Berita Dek?!? (Apa Khabar in Iban)

Well last week was a pretty sick adventure. Well Penang wasn't all to amazing because the person I was following over there is super trunkey because he leaves in like two weeks... So we didn’t do too much and it sucked and it was super boring. On the plus side of going to Penang. I found an ultra rare Dictionary; Iban to English and English to Iban :) so it’s pretty awesome. Among other sweet treasures I found a boot leg copy of The Work and The Glory #1 it’s not the best copy but it’s worth the 4 RM. It calls the Book of Mormon the Book of Warm ha-ha.

Things here are getting better and we found a great guy named Mohan and he’s way cool always willing to listen and the first thing he said after the first visit is… since you came to my house I must come to your church ha-ha. We also got like 5 referrals from a member over here which is amazing since like 1 in 3 referrals get baptized. They are some really good referrals to. Last Saturday we got to go to a Chinese wedding with Brother Titus and it was freaking cool. you sit at a table with like 8 people and then they bring out all these crazy foods and you just eat a lot and listen to music (which happened to be American music) I had pigs leg, shark fin soup, chicken, duck, cats eye (just a fruit drink the fruit looks like a cat’s eye) and some other really expensive fish.

Well the whole house is out in Singapore except me. at the moment I am staying at the Thorne's place till they get back and doing some missionary work. Umm Jerry and Lidam are off to Frances now and they'll be back in 5 months. We found a Malaysian who was baptized in the United Kingdom 1 year and 1/2 ago and he’s going to start coming back to church, it was pretty much like finding a person baptizing them all in 10 minutes ha-ha. Things here are slowly, slowly getting better but still not where we should be at for teaching people just because we don’t have enough people to teach and not finding a lot of people who will listen.

But speaking of music at weddings, Malaysian and Indonesian music is pretty sweet since every time we get an amazing hamburger called a Ramly they blaze the music and we get to jam to it, but it’s good. So Elder Herbst and I will pick some up, and then I’ll have to send it home so you all can hear it. That’s pretty much my whole week from here in Malaysia. Till next week.

Elder Watkins

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