Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visa Run to Singapore!

After looking at the picture of the Sentosa Golf Club where he had lunch...I think he went on Vacation not a Visa Run :)

So right now I am emailing you from the far off and exotic land of Singapore! Yes I did have to come by myself and it was intense, but when I got here come to find out that Elder Herbst was suppose to come too and they bought him a ticket, but we never got it up in Butterworth :/ oooppss...

So right now we just got back from Sentosa Island and it’s a manmade island that’s pretty cool. We went and played some beach volleyball and then I went with Elder Pulver, Chua, Klemm, and the AP’s to lunch with Elder Chua’s parents at the Golf Club on the Island and it was really good. We are getting ready to head out to the tie shop in a bit before it closes. Oh yeah and only thing that got thrown away were some papers and I still have the rest of my stuff. At least I think I do.

This week we have a baptism up and coming for Movina on Saturday. So it’s pretty exciting. Butterworth is going pretty well right now but we have to start finding some new people since the people we had before are now members ha-ha. We are going to start pushing to get referrals from people since the statistics for referrals is 1 in every 3 is baptized and it’s like 1 in every 20 knocking is baptized so that’s what were pushing for.

KL was pretty sweet. Elder Watson talked about ways to remember scriptures with us which was completely different from what he taught at all the other areas he went to. He was a way cool guy and it was a great mission tour. While down there I picked up a Jawiv Script plaque that’s pretty cool and dropped it off in storage here in Singapore along with my DVD collection and some other stuff. Oh before I forget I need Andy Birds address to send something to him in Hungary. Also down in Singapore I finally got Mom a Sarong and I’ll probably send it home with the CD in the envelope. KL was pretty good again and we got to meet Elder Herbst recent convert down there from Sri Lanka and he’s pretty cool.

Funny story for the week is after an appointment with Suresh who has 2 puppies and 1 dog Elder Herbst puts on his shoe and goes… Oh man..... And I said… what, then he just says, tell you later. So on our way home he said a dog had peed in his shoe ha-ha so funny... it was funny for everyone else but not so much for him.

I also had my first Mountain Dew down here in Singapore and hopefully it’s not my last one down here. We might go to Carl’s Jr. or Seoul Gardens or both, so it’s pretty exciting. While were down here we have all day P-day so it’s pretty sweet.

The last story I have is about Sister Myra and her kids we had to watch her kids just for a bit while she went with the Thorne’s off to the grocery store and we were playing cars outside on some chairs and I grabbed Elder Herbst chair and broke it :/ I felt so bad so, after we went and got our hammer and then bought some nails and epoxy? And we fixed it up good as new. Well that’s all I can think of. Thanks Josh for the package I got yours in KL and I just got the letter you guys sent from home.

Elder Watkins

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