Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Searching out those Amazing people out there

Miri Conference with Elder Pratt...Elder Watkins is on the back row.
Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was pretty good. We found a couple of new good people that hopefully don't just disappear on us. The first one is a family with a super crazy mix going on ha-ha the mom is 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 Kadazan and her kids are 1/4 Mexican 1/4 Kadazan and 1/2 Chinese ha-ha so another crazy mixture of people. They speak English well and are Roman Catholic. The mom is Jesse and her two daughters; Betrish and Bronwyn. We taught the two girls while the mom was getting her hair done at a members saloon (BTW Saloon in Malaysia is a hair salon) They were pretty dang good and pretty smart; they actually new quite a bit and it surprised me. We were supposed to meet with them Sunday but, something happened where the mom went out and the two girls didn't know where she went but, we set up another appointment with them for this Saturday. So we are pretty excited about them.

Samuel he is a super long, long, long, long time investigator of the church. He and his wife are working on some things to get married.  It would take a long time to explain but it has to do with the Malaysian culture and then it gets more complicated and I am feeling too lazy to type it ha-ha. But, basically we stop by and see him at his work and make sure that his plan is going good to get it all solved. His baptism date is for the 6th of April or sooner; if he gets all this stuff taken care of before then. He has been coming to church for the last 6 years.....basically he never had encouragement to take care of the problems or people just tried to fix it for him and then he didn't want them to fix it. But, now things are all on him and we just encourage him and make sure that he’s following the plan he set.

Yafet is doing great, he fasted for a couple of days and I hope it helped him. He was smoking about a box a day and now he is down to about 7 sticks or less a day. He is super amazing and his understanding of the scriptures is awesome but, the smoking thing is just holding him back right now. He is way funny though we were teaching him and then he said; Elders I need to go smoke in the bathroom and he ran off to the bathroom…he didn't smoke though. But, he made me chase him all the way there because I was trying to grab his cigarette from him but, he pulled through and didn't do it. Hopefully his sister, nieces and nephew can help him out with it.

Desy and Victor and Maryann are still doing amazingly. Yesterday Sister Jemimi told us that she just stopped by a couple of days ago and thanked them so much for sending us to their home and teaching them. She said that she has really seen a lot of changes in their lives and things are just getting better. Their 10 year old girl, Maryann prays every night. She prays that her dad will change and be better and so far it has actually happened and Maryann is super happy and so is Desy. Desy was actually married before and has 2 other kids one is named Mario and he is already married and has the two coolest little kids ever but, that is not the story here. The story is his wife who is a local usually is there with the kids when we teach Desy and family but, she'll hide in the back room and is not really willing to come and listen. Well, yesterday she finally came out…her name is Annlee; she is Dusun and she is from Sabah. Well she finally came out after many invitations and she loved the lesson. We taught about the Ten Commandments and it went well. Afterwards we did a quick review of the Book of Mormon for Ann. Well she loved the facts of the Book of Mormon. We gave her a copy and gave her some homework to read and then she was way pumped to read it and even told her daughter Mariam, don't bother my book and move the marking, I need to read it later ha-ha…cause usually the little girl moves the marks around in all the books ha-ha We also gave her the Restoration movie. Well actually Desy already had a copy and she got super excited and wants to watch it.

We also saw Fiona the other day and things aren't going so well for her family. Things are rough but, she still made it to church the other day and it was great to see her and her family there. She finally left her husband. I guess he has just been dragging her down. Turns out she used to own her own saloon and was doing really good. But, now things are rough and it’s not easy to follow the church standards but, she knows she'll be blessed for following them. She said; the last two times she has really felt the spirit when we have been teaching her. We have been preparing some great lessons that are just for her and she keeps going; Wow…my hair on my arms are standing up; what is that. Sister Jemimi told her that is the spirit. It was amazing. So she is struggling but, she knows she can rely on the Lord.

Next up is Jacob, he is still doing awesome. On FHE at the church he brought his girlfriend who is Roman Catholic and is the daughter of a very rich man who is also a Datuk which is title here in Malaysia (you can look up more about the title it is hard for me to explain). But, well we are hopefully going to teach her if we can. We’ll see first what happens.

On Monday we tried to find a less active lady and ended up setting up a return appointment with her mom, named Julia. She is a super nice lady…she was just way sweet to us and hopefully our appointment with her tomorrow goes well.

Madam Yapp and her son Mac Duncan are back on date for February 19th. Sister Wendy is also going to help them take care of the whole Buddha thing finally it will be done with, And then she can get baptized. So slowly, slowly she is going to get baptized. We explained temples and eternal families and the authority from God again and helped her understand it. She also wants her husband to learn; he is Iban but, he is off out-stationed, working elsewhere.  But, other than that things are going good here just trying to search out those amazing people out there.

Till next time,
Elder Watkins

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