Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Best New Year's Eve!

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was good. I’ll start off with the best part…Stell got baptized!!! Woot ha-ha it was a great baptism. She was super ready and way happy to be baptized for the first time in her life. She was even happier that now her family is one step closer to being an eternal family in the Celestial Kingdom ha-ha. She was awesome. She bore an awesome testimony and it was great.

Ya Ming also got baptized, a recent converts son. The father baptized him and it was awesome. It is even cooler to see how the gospel has helped the family and it has also helped the father to be prepared with the priesthood. He was already an elder and it was great to see him baptize his son. So, all and all, it was a great New Years Eve ha-ha. 

We also live next to where they do the big New Year count down so that night we could hear all the music from all the bands playing and then see the awesome fireworks show afterwards. It was really cool because it was over the ocean. The sisters even saw it a lot better from their home because we had a big hotel blocking most of our view.

Saturday was a totally awesome day. We rode the bus to go out and see some members about getting some referrals that she had told us about. When I got off the bus a man came up to me and said, Elder Watkins?  I thought how does he know my name??? Then I said, oh yeah, I am wearing a name tag ha-ha so, I asked him if he was a member and he said, yes, and he was from Manila in the Philippines. His name is Joseph and he has been working as a care giver for people here in Malaysia for about a year. His Family has been members since like 1981 but, he didn't join the church until 1995 after learning from the elders for 14 years. He was awesome. So we took his number and said we would call him and hopefully come see him next week. Later that night sister Jemimi brought us to her referral and all of a sudden "wham" its Joseph again ha-ha, he lives with the referrals that sister Jemimi wanted to bring us to. The referral was Victor, and his wife Desy, and their children, whose names escape me except, Maryann. Also another young family, Mario and his wife Anylee, and his two younger children, and then his sister, Mylin who is 19. So it was a pretty huge referral. They are some of the nicest, humblest people we have met, just like Fiona. They love to just learn about Christ and they are very happy even though they don't have much. We have seen them twice already. They didn't make it church because it was hard because Mylin has a car but, went off to town for fun and it is hard for them to take the bus with a lot of small children. But, this Sunday hopefully they can come.  Joseph came to church and he said this Sunday he will bring them with him. But, we are pretty excited to teach a family. There Malay isn't the best, since Victor and Desy were born and raised pretty much in the Philippines. They can speak conversational Malay but, nothing gospel wise ha-ha. But, they still are willing to listen.  So we see them again this Friday and we will push to get them to church this Sunday.

We also have been teaching Serah and her brother Johnny. They are a referral from Sister Fiona before she went back to kampong. They are doing great too and we are happy that his brother is also willing to listen. We just hope we can get them to church. Serah wasn't working before but, now picked up a job at Cash and Carry so she has to work sometimes on Sunday which isn't the best but, we will continue to work with her and her brother.

Also, last week Elder Sorensen was here to do our baptism interview for us and Elder Wright went to Tawau to go and do an interview for them. So while he was here during lunch Sorensen wanted to check out a shop across from us and in the process we ran into a lady name Sianis who is Rungus, from Kudat and she sells beads and handicrafts that she makes her self and then sales them. She is a Christian and lives around the city and works in malls.  I told her we are here as teachers for a church and share about families and Christ. She has 2 small children and I didn't find out if she has a husband but, she was pretty excited to meet again. Earlier this morning I confirmed our appointment with her for tomorrow and she was very happy to hear from us.

Maria David is still in the process, I suppose.  She is super busy to meet and we were supposed to see her yesterday but, she had meetings all day and wasn't free. We want to push to meet with her at night with her family but, she is a little reluctant because she thinks her mom who is a super hard core catholic would be angry if we came there. But she thanked us for our kindness and told us not to give up on her that she might have time later. I’ll have to give her call later today and try again. She is awesome and has read part of the Liahona already.

So this week we have some more luck with the people we have. Were still trying to meet with all these new people we have gotten but, the last 2 weeks it has been rough. Everyone went back to Kampong and is still there or is just getting back. Sunday our attendance at church here was like half of what we usually get, actually it was probably less than that, it was pretty empty this Sunday. So things are looking up. We are hoping to see Madam Yap tonight with the District President Ling and teach her the first lesson again.

Well that’s all I can think of besides now in KK there are 3 companionships... Which is awesome but, not so awesome because two companionships are sisters...AAAAAAAAAAHHHH we are outnumbered.... so what to do, Yea? Who knows but, we spent a lot of time splitting everything up evenly and it wasn't easy at all... but, it’s done and the new sisters, Sisters Hite and Sister Howard are here. Also we had something sad happen sister Rinet left us and we got a new sister named Goodwin... Sister Rinet was awesome and worked hard so, she will be missed. So it will be crazy with 3 companionships in one small branch. But, it was hopefully help the work progress faster.

In two weeks we head to Miri again for mission conference so that will be interesting. But, we are working hard still here and working on getting some new people on date. But, the work is progressing and the Lord is blessing us. Hopefully we can keep working hard with the ones we got and find new ones through the members and our own efforts. 

Sarang Haeyo (Korean)
Elder Watkins

Special Thanks…

Thanks for all the cards from the Fosters, Bates, Uncle Scott, Grandma Watkins, Misty and Milton. And a big thanks to all of those who sent a letter in the 12 days of Christmas, it was awesome to hear from you all and all the wonderful things that are going on. 
Elder Watkins

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