Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tacos and Transfers

Goodbye Kota Kinabalu

Hey Everyone,

Well it isn't as big as a surprise to me as it probably is for you guys but, I got transferred.....  I am now in Sandakan which is in my Zone I was just over. I replaced Elder Kampenhout here and he took my place in KK.... So I am now with Elder Martin from Fresno, California he has been out for 10 months now. He has served here and in Singapore, Elder Sorensen was his trainer.  He has been here since December. 

But, in other news I did get the package thanks a lot…Peter loved his tie and his Scriptures. The best news of all though is that Ah Ling got baptized yesterday, literally 2 hours after I arrived in Sandakan.... But, what is important is that she still got baptized. Apparently it was a pretty dang awesome baptism it took Samuel 3 dunks to get her down according to Elder Sorensen last night. 

We had a lot of good bye parties in KK so that is what pretty much happened after Wednesday night.We contacted Dammy and Samuel's brother; Arjammy and he seems pretty cool we just got him to the point where he is our friend and he is pretty cool with us and we lured him out of his room with Taco's Yes…Taco's, the food of all food to get referrals ha-ha. Well Samuel and Dammy loved them and since we found Tortillas at a store, they were pretty dang good and everyone loved them except Ah ling because well she said they were spicy ha-ha. 

Well after I emailed you guys last week I got a call saying that I was to give a talk on Sunday which was good timing. They had 2 youth speakers and then me ha-ha so I had to cover like 20minutes... which I pulled off cause you know how it is I am, a master, after that public speaking class ha-ha j/k… yeah I covered the time because it was Easter, so the topic was easy and then I bore my testimony for the last time…for 7 minutes ha-ha but, it was pretty good. 

Amy the referral from Fiona is doing alright she isn't as interested in learning as much we think she got wind of the word of wisdom from Fiona but, I guess it had to come out eventually. Rose is doing awesome though she is way cool and is totally ready for baptism, probably the 14th of May which will be sweet. We had an amazing lesson with her right before I came here yesterday. 

We also contacted Sister Dorkas's sister from Penang who is pretty dang cool and we taught her a bit and she read the whole pamphlet while we taught Rose then we explained it to her afterwards. She is awesome. She got excited about the Book of Mormon so she pulled the one off the desk and opened it up to somewhere in 2 Nephi and it said like something along the lines of relying on the lord and not upon the flesh alone and she loved the verse to death and was pretty touched to have just opened up to it on the first try. So they'll continue to teach her and such.

Sister Jemimi, Leslie and Peter came and picked me up and took me to the bus terminal for my 6 hour bus ride. It was really nice of them and it really helped me out…no need to call a taxi. It was way cool but, then the tears came and well, it was rough…luckily the buss wasn't delayed or anything. I guess I just have to finish off strong here and later I guess we will see them when we stop in KK before heading off to America.  We stay in a terrace house here like in KK, two stories which is nice, that’s all I really know ha-ha. I don't really know everything that’s going on because I haven't even been here for a full day. So that is all.

Mejumpa Vagu
Elder Watkins

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