Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dammy and Samuel are getting Baptized Tonight!

Hey Everyone, 

I guess I’ll start out with that… DAMMY AND SAMUEL ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!! They were interviewed last Friday and passed so tonight they are having their baptismal service. Pres. Ling is going to be baptizing them. What is totally awesome about the whole thing is that they are both potential priesthood holders.

Rose is still doing good as well. She reads and prays but, she doesn't feel ready to be baptized at the moment. But, she is doing a lot better; she actually prays at the end of every lesson. Right now the only problem is that she is a bit quiet and we have to strain to hear here ha-ha. She comes to church and says she likes it a lot. Sister Dorkas does a good job at fellowshipping her.

Desy and Maryann are still doing good but, Desy was having to watch a sick guy at the hospital so she couldn't make it to church this Sunday so sadly she won't make her baptismal date. I felt really bad for her because she wants to be baptized so bad but, sometimes things happen… I guess. She prayed for us again, yesterday but, it was in Cebuano like usual. We couldn't really understand what she was saying but, man could I feel the spirit so strong. She finished her prayer with tears in her eyes; it was a great lesson. The lesson had been on prayer and she shared an experience that she had while praying. It was cool.

I spent Monday in Tawau it was a good exchange. We went and taught a members girlfriend and it went really well. After that we traveled and had a baptismal interview for Vincent; he is Chinese from Melaka in West Malaysia. He is pretty dang cool. His wife and his mother-in-law are members and he is also…Ah Yong brother in law who we baptized here, back in November. He is a pretty cool guy and fed us a lot of food; including a lot of pork. So he'll be getting baptized this Friday. Elder Peterson and Clarke are over in Tawau… they are pretty cool.

Sunday I sent Elder Sorensen to the bus terminal after church and Peter Wong followed me around or I mean was my companion and we did a lot of chasing people. We went to go meet Jason, a guy we contacted a while back. We go to his house and he is like I am at CKS (grocery store) and so we tried to find the one and then Peter was like no man it’s over here. So we get on a bus and go there and it turns out it was the wrong one.... So we didn't get to see him.

So we head over to go see Sister Fiona well…since her boss is in China for 2 weeks she can't make it to church and is super busy at night time at her work... So we didn't get to see her but, Pres Fausto stays with her and so we talked with him a bit.

A cool thing that happened on Sunday was Ah Yong passed the sacrament for the first time, it was awesome. Amy, Fiona's cousin is doing good and so far likes the Book of Mormon quite a bit. Last time we watched the Restoration DVD with her and read some from the Book of Mormon. She is pretty cool.  Only problem now is that she took a job working like 7pm to 5 am.

Sister Jemimi was way sick yesterday and on the way to the hospital when her car broke down. Talk about a run of crappy luck. We stopped by and gave her a blessing and she was really happy. Her car already got fixed… got there all prepared to go and push her car back to the house which was about 2 miles away.  Luckily, her car is tiny just like the small car Mr. Incredible drives in the movie The Incredible ha-ha.

Saturday a member who was baptized just over a year ago baptized his 8 yr old son, it was so cool. He was super nervous. The son bore his testimony too. He was super scared to do it but, he whispered it in a members ear and he said it for him…it was so cool.  His testimony was strong because he comes to church and primary.

Things are going good…just looking for some new solid referrals that are out there, they just need to be found ha-ha. 

 Today we go to the Crocodile Farm in Tuaran which should be cool. We are going with Money Curdy, Leslie, and Peter so should be pretty cool. Adrian also got his call last week.  He is going to Salt Lake City, South Mission. He is pretty excited. He goes to the MTC on August 16th. So that is pretty exciting. 

 I don’t know if I have told you before that Dammy is an artist and he can paint pictures that are really amazing, he usually does portraits. He is doing one of me so when it is finished I’ll take a picture of it and send it to you guys. He is about half way done and well it is amazing. That pretty much it. Talk to yak next week. 

Mejumpa Vagu,
Elder Watkins

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