Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elder Bednar's Visit

Hey Everyone,

Well we just got back from KL and it was pretty dang awesome. First things first; last week we contacted Sister Lucy’s husband and he is a pretty cool guy. We have a return appt for tomorrow the only problem is they are going to Bintulu for 3 weeks right after our first lesson.... But, what to do. He is cool and he is the road repair crew for Sandakan… he is way nice.

Melvin and Rosmina made it to church last week and are one step closer to baptism; they are way cool and nice. Melvin it turns out has never been baptized and he is way pumped to get baptized in the coming month. They have no problems with the Word of Wisdom; he told us he quit smoking all on his own back in 2007 with no drugs or anything. He was proud to have done it by himself which, he should be because it is not an easy thing to kick.  

Rosameeni and her daughter Kurniawati got baptized on May 21 which was way awesome. It was a very spiritual baptism, even a lot of the members said it was way good and the best they've seen in a while. Mostly because it was so spiritual and that they wanted this so bad and had to overcome a lot to get it. Jeffrey a member baptized Rosameeni and I baptized Kurniawati. 

Elder Watkins and Elder Martin were very happy with the baptism of Kurniawati (L) and her mother Rosameeni (R) - her sister Tingak (in orange) is beside her - President Wieland and Jeffrey Tabiar on right.
We are also teaching Jennifer and her family they are so awesome and they are probably some golden people that have come back in church. We are hopefully going to put them on baptism date tomorrow. Her aunty is way cool and loves church so much. She used to be a Christian but, after she got married she just followed her husband in Buddhism. But, they are doing great. 

So the much waited for… Elder Bednar.... Well first I got to go the new chapel in KL out in Puchong for PJ2 branch and it is way nice I got some pictures of it I’ll send home. But, Elder Bednar is way cool and Funny. He talked a lot about following and teaching by the spirit and how we make it so that everyone is edified and not just the teacher going up there and just putting out his discourse on everything he learned throughout the week and giving it to you as you sit there. They also just organized a stake in Indonesia which is way cool he was there before he came to KL. He is meeting with the government officials there but, what about, I forgot or I am pretty sure he never told us. So we learned a lot from him that morning we got a group shot with him that Pres. Clark will probably send us in the next week or so but, it was awesome.
But, after that we had zone conference which was good but, it was my last one and so I had to give my last testimony at a zone conference.  The returning missionaries always give a testimony at their last one. Well it was good, if you want to know more you can ask the Larson in KK about my testimony and I will leave it at that but, it was spiritual but long because there was 17 of us there, a lot from our group and the Blissett's group that goes home 3 weeks after my group.  So it was cool.

President Wieland really wanted to go to the top of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur while we were there.
This is the view from the 41st floor skywalk.

It's all made of stainless steel and laminated glass, with a super-strong cement -- this is the view looking down.

 We waited two and a half hours in line to buy the tickets to ride the elevator, we were allowed 20 minutes on the skywalk to take pictures

But, we had some extra time in KL so I was able to go and see Sister Yanti and Dewi in KL and it was good to see them and tell them to stay strong in the church and things because the elders said it’s been a couple of weeks and they haven't gone; they said they were just being lazy... So hopefully they can get them to come back to church and be more frequent about it. We also went to the bridge at the Petronas Towers and it was good and way cool. We also ate at Chili’s as my early Birthday lunch ha-ha it was good. We also saw lots missionaries from the mission again like Elder Lewis, Elder Carter, Elder Thomas and Sister Rinet and stuff it was good. Now we’re back in Sandakan emailing you guys and that’s all I can think of so that’s it.

Mejumpa Vagu Ingin Oku Diikau
Elder Watkins

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