Friday, May 4, 2012

Things to Celebrate

This year we have definitely had our fair share of trials. We have many things to celebrate too. We think the mountains we have been climbing are starting to plateau. Jeff started it by winning a new Ipad 3 while he was in Baltimore last weekend at a factory tour. Lucky for me he already has one for Happy Mother's Day to me!

Nathan finished his last semester at SLCC this week and received his Associates Degree and will start at the University of Utah in the fall. He still has another 5 weeks before he can start to put weight on his ankle which will be the day before his birthday...what a great gift. He will still be in the boot for another 4 weeks after that which will be around the first of July before he will be fully walking without crutches.

Landon will be graduating from Cottonwood High School on June 1st and received an Honors at Entrance Scholarship to Salt Lake Community College which will pay for his tuition starting this fall. His hard work has paid off. He will also graduate from the Academy of Finance Program and Seminary. He will play his last High School Baseball game next Wednesday. May will be filled with lots of memory making things for him. It will be a fun month.

We are glad to be able to celebrate our boys successes and are happy to be apart of it. Although we have been a little overwhelmed with our trials the Lord has really blessed us and watched over our family.

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