Monday, August 1, 2011

Kota Kinabalu - August 1, 2011

From our room at the Hotel Promenade this is the view that we had. Nathan lived in the condos next to this Hotel and this was his view he saw every morning. Kota Kinabalu is a very popular tourist destination. Off in the distance you can see two islands...there are three islands all together. Famous for snorkeling and beautiful water off their sandy beaches.
We walked across the street and to this open market on the edge of the water. They sell lots of things made in Sabah. Sabah is a state in East Malaysia and Kota Kinabalu is the city. Lots of lots of souvenirs. This is were we bought all our souvenir from East Malaysia. Nathan found him a native bow and arrows and a carved wooden vase. Every thing was pretty cheap.
There are speed boats that leave the shore of Kota every hour to ferry people across to the island gems. Thank heavens we picked the closest island called Manukan. They are not luxury speed boats...they go about a 100 miles an hour I think and they cross the waves and you hit hard on your bottom every time they hit the waves. Jeff found an extra life jacket for me to sit on to help cushion the blow. The boys couldn't stop laughing.
View from our speed boat
An aerial view of Manukan
From the Shore of Manukan

The rocky side of island. We didn't do any snorkeling because Nathan was still a missionary. We tried to stay away from the enticing sandy beaches so he wasn't too tempted.
This cool sand sculpture of a sea turtle was just sculpted the day before we got there. They always put the day first...31/7/2011

Okay...the boat ride back was even faster and Karen was sitting at the back of the boat where there was no cover over head and she got drenched from the spray off the ocean. This was her after she got off the boat. At least she was cool the rest of the day.

Gary with a member friend Peter and four of his six children under the age of five. His wife had just had a baby the week before we got there. They live in very humble circumstances and yet they are very content and happy. We all can learn a lesson from these wonderful people. He tried to give Nathan his Malaysia guitar. Nathan not trying to offend him finally was able to satisfy him by signing his name on his guitar with a black sharpie. We had to go buy a sharpie and come back so he could sign it. I kept thinking how blessed we are, we have everything we need and then some. We probably have at least a dozen sharpie just laying around the house and yet Gary wanted to give him his guitar which was probably one of the most expensive things he owned. They love the missionaries who have shared the gospel with them and will do anything for them.

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Georgia said...

So fun to see all of your pictures and hear about your trip. Can you believe they have been home from their missions a year? Boy, your family has had some serious health issues. I hope you are all on the mend now!