Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kota Kinabalu - July 31, 2011

We took a bus to the church or what they call a bus. It is like a mini van with bench seats that they cram as many people into as they can. It was the first week that the KK Branch was split so, we went to two sacrament meetings.  During the second sacrament meeting the power went out so they canceled the rest of the meetings. We met a lot of the members and recent converts of Nathan. I can see why he loved all of them.
Kota Kinabalu Chapel
Visiting with the members after church.

Sister Jemimi took us to a beautiful sandy beach where we put our feet in the China Sea.

There was big open area were we had roasted corn on the cob. Nathan had chicken butt, this ABC Fruit drink pictured above and of course another durian.
Adrian Harun and his Mom, Dad and one of his twin sisters. Adrian was with us all day and has been called to the Utah, South Mission. We will be picking him up at the Salt Lake Airport on August 15th. We will take him to the Salt Lake Temple for his endowments and then taking him to the MTC in Provo the next day.

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