Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 9: Journey to Thailand

No, Jeff and I did not go to the airport, but have a dear friend that took Nate to the airport. We were able to talk to him here and then again from LA...he sounded so good and was so ready to go. We found out the next morning that once he would reach Hong Kong after the 14 hour flight his scheduled flight to Thailand had been cancelled due to Typhoon Utor. We thought he would end up spending a day there before he would fly onto Thailand. The airlines got them out on a different flight just a little later than his original one. We received an email saying they had arrived safely and another one with a picture of him with President and Sister Senior...(I still can't figure out how to just get the picture of the document). The group of 22 missionaries looked amazing well after they had been traveling for over 24 hours on planes. 

Typhoon Utor hit Hong Kong shortly after they left, canceling or delaying more than 350 flights. I know that the Lord was watching over this group to get them safely to their mission so they can begin his work. I am sure he will have great stories to tell when we hear from him on his P-day next Monday...

Thanks to Kris for taking the pictures of Landon at the airport...

Looking good!
Landon and Nate
Josh and the boys
He got his Thai name tag just before he left...Is it "Watkins Elder" or "Elder Watkins"
Brotherly Love
See ya in 22 months...

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