Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travel plans...Last P-day in the MTC!!!

Well my last p-day here at the MTC. Getting close to leaving! I'm pretty excited! We got a change in our travel plans today and instead of meeting at the travel office at 6:00 PM we will now be meeting there at 5:15 PM and be taking the frontrunner. So that's pretty wild, has to be a new change, I think?

As for this week it was pretty awesome. It is our last one… I'll start with what we did last Wednesday. So Bro. Olsen had a deadline for the revising of our grammar book so we spent like half of our class helping him find mistakes and add new things, which was pretty cool. Then we had Bro. Sanchez teach us the rest of the time so he could finish working on the grammar book. Bro. Sanchez is way awesome and so funny! He is a way good teacher too though and we get to have him again on Friday after our infield orientation that we have all day on Friday, pretty much. One awesome thing he taught us is that we need to realize why we are learning this language. It's not because we think it is cool to learn the language, but in our hearts we need to have the reason is, so that we can teach the gospel to the Thai people, which I thought was cool so I've been praying for that help and I've definitely seen it working!

Still been playing a lot of volleyball. I'm starting to get good, I can't wait to get back and tear it up on the volleyball courts at the Sports Mall, that’ll be fun. Thanks for the hops I've been blessed with I can spike it pretty good and get tons of blocks I love it. We got Nate’s spicy hot sauce the next day which was pretty awesome we put it in our fry sauce and we were just eating it and we could definitely feel the heat, it was so funny though. Also, we may not get our translated name tags before we leave which kind of stinks, but oh well... Friday we got our travel plans which was way exciting we fly out at 10 PM to LAX then to Hong Kong then to Thailand and get their Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM which kind of stinks that will be a long day.
Soon to be leaving the MTC in Provo, Utah and heading to the city of Bangkok, Thailand...just a little bit different :)

We got another new teacher now Brother Todd who helps Bro. Thrap. Oh and I kind of got sick for the first time this week, it was more of an annoying sickness, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'm almost over it; it should be gone tomorrow, hopefully.

Also, we had TRC Saturday which was another great experience. We taught Sister Rosa a RM from Thailand and she was way cool and she said we helped her feel the spirit a lot and felt our lesson was a revelation we received for her, which was cool. Then later that night we were on a five minute break and walking around and Ely Hansgen teacher stopped us and asked if we could help her class for a minute. I got to talk to Ely and we had a way awesome spiritual experience together and I saw a side of him I had never seen before, which was cool. He left on Monday along with Clay I think which is pretty crazy. It hasn't hit me quite yet we are leaving. 

Sunday was way relaxing, we had a mission conference which was cool and after we watched some videos in the classroom. Johnny Lingo, The Phone Call, and a movie on Joseph Smith which was way cool. The speaker we had at the devotional was amazing. It was Dallin H Oak’s daughter, Jenny Baker who is like one of the best violinist in the world, she played like 6 songs and she was just incredible.

Monday I go to go with Elder Crump to get his glasses fixed, so I got to leave the MTC which was way awesome ha-ha and then they ended up cracking his lenses, which was not good so I went back with him yesterday to get them fixed again. We had such a funny van driver and he wasn't even supposed to take us, which was funny. Also, it was Bro. Olsen’s half birthday on Sunday, so we bought him a Thailand shirt and all signed our names on the back which was cool, he loved it. Bro. Olsen is the man!

Today we got to clean the temple for 3 and 1/2 hours, it was so awesome! We got to clean a ton of the windows and I had the funniest old lady talking to me the whole time, she was so awesome! Then after she took us on a tour of the temple and we got to go into the celestial room and pray and she took us to sealing rooms and we got to see the new stuff they remodeled. Also, she took us into the Brides room, which was pretty crazy. It was so beautiful in there. I doubt I'll ever get to do something like that again it was so cool! We may get to go to the temple one last session on Monday morning, our Branch President was asking President Nally the MTC president if he would make an exception, so we will see how that goes.

Well that really is all for this week it was really a great week and I'm doing super well and am happy! Love you all, thanks for your support in the MTC. Make sure if anyone wants to write me… Mom just give them my email I guess, unless they want it to take a month to get there ha-ha.

Love, Elder Watkins

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