Monday, March 24, 2014

He still has Hops!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 41
Week 14 in Nong Khai

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Well this week just seemed to fly by! I have to be honest though I don't know why because literally nothing special happened except Zone Conference!

So that is where I will start because that really was the biggest highlight of my week. So we had that on Thursday down in Udorn. We got there and just talked with the other missionaries passed off our memorizations then gave our talks and did planner checks. We have to do that every zone conference. I passed off on everything so that is way nice. We started up zone conference and my companion was assigned to say D & C 4 and he had to do it in English since he is Thai so the last two days I've been helping him memorize it like crazy. He had it down really good, but he got up there and got too nervous and ended up reading the whole thing. After that we all said it together and my companion did it just fine. President Senior was just why didn't you do that the first time ha-ha... It was good though.

We had a little activity that was way cool. It was on higher expectations. President and Sister Senior did training on how we can raise our expectations. They didn't know how they could have us raise ours anymore because we work so hard so they did an activity to show us how. They had us all write down a goal on a sticky note and then said, okay jump as high as you can and stick it on the wall. So we all did and of course I was the highest. No one saw me do it, but there was just one sticky note way higher than everyone else’s and everyone is just like who's is that, but believe it or not President saw me do it. After that he said ok now raise your expectations and beat that last sticky note. Believe or not everyone in the whole zone was able to beat their previous stick note. That was fun! Then a couple of the other Elders who thought they had hops tried to start beating mine ha-ha but when I did mine a second time I moved mine up a good 6 inches so that wasn't happening; apparently mine was the highest in the whole mission. President Senior was even talked to me and was way impressed.

After that we had lunch which was decent we had Vietnamese food and ice cream cake since it was Sister Seniors birthday. I got my ice cream cake and everyone else had finished eating theirs and I was just hanging out at my table and both President and Sister Senior just came out of nowhere and sat by me. This is where I learned President Senior is a greater man that I already knew he was. We started talking sports because of the whole jumping thing. Turns out the President Senior is Red Sox fan must I say more? Ha-ha then we had to talk about March Madness of course. Plus a few weeks ago I sent President an emailing saying I heard if the Mission gets 200 baptisms in March we get to watch the National Championship game ha-ha but he wasn't having any of that, but he got a good laugh. It was just way good to talk to him and he just thanked me again so much for helping Elder Saedan. Sister Senior also said I heard your Thai is Phenomenal. Which surprised me ha-ha, but apparently Elder Brown who is the new senior couple in Udorn told her that I guess. I don’t know why, but apparently Elder Brown never compliments anyone like that so she said that was a real high compliment and I should feel proud. So that made me feel good.

After lunch we had a scripture chase and it was all in English so I had to translate for my companion because he is way better in the scriptures than I am. But it was a jeopardy type of format and I was able to get one for our squad. My companion did so good though. One of the sections was church hymns so they gave you a name of a hymn and you had to know the scripture that referenced it in the BoM, it was crazy. My companion answered 3 of them in a row within like 5 seconds and no one else in the whole zone knew what they were, everyone just thought he was cheating because it was so good!  Guess who's district came out of top and won that also! That’s right the Nongkhai District!!! It was great we were in contention with one other district and we were behind them just a little bit with one question left. We came back and won it with the last question…way sweet because we got a Snickers bar.  

After Zone Conference went over to Central and met up with Brother Gang. It was so good to see him again and plus he had a package for me! I finally got the fuel band back and a jacket! So sweet so thanks Mom and Dad for that. We went and ate at Pizza Company together and just talked. It was way nice. He also came to church here yesterday which was much needed.

Winay didn't come to church either though he was busy with work this last week. We need to meet with him one time this week and just teach him everything. So we can baptize him next week since he has been to church twice already he just needs to learn everything and be keeping the commandments.

That is really all I have for this week.Thanks everyone for your support back at home love you all have a good week! :)



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