Monday, March 17, 2014

It was kind of like going Uphill both ways to school :)

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 40
Week 13 in Nong Khai

Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey Everyone!

How are you all doing? Hopefully you guys know by now that I'm always doing good ha-ha! Life is good though! I'm in Thailand ha-ha! Anyways I honestly don't even know what to tell you about this week except for about our new investigators.

So I guess that is what I will tell you about. Our new investigators are a guy named, Winay. (I have no idea how to spell his name in English) and the other two are his two kids! So a little family we are working with which is kind of cool. He is a referral from Sister Muay the YW's president. He actually happens to be her boyfriend and she just told him that if he wants to get married he has to get baptized ha-ha! That is way awesome for her, but I'm not sure if the investigators desires are in the right place, to be honest. He is a good guy though. He lives sooooo far away though. When we went to teach him at his house on Thursday it took us an hour to get to his house and get back home. Somehow that wind was in our face both ways…you know, kind of like going uphill both ways to school, I guess. Anyways, when we finally got there we just started teaching him everything ha-ha. We taught him how to pray then we just went right into teaching him the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were also searching for any possible problems in keeping commandments and any concerns he may have. We taught him about the 10 commandments, Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom, and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. After getting through all those he was pretty good for all the commandments except the word of wisdom!  So we are just trying to help him a ton with that! We committed him to quitting mostly the biggest problem which is smoking he said he is going to try and quit. So we need all your prayer from back home to help him out! We are going to continue working with him and plan for him and his two kids to get baptized on the 30th of March. Maybe just him on the 30th and then he could baptize his two kids the week after, that'd be way cool because he could get the Priesthood. So that could all work out!

Besides that not much else happened this week we've just been trying to find new investigators by inviting. So most of the time when we aren't working with LA's, RC, or teaching lesson we are just inviting like crazy! We got a ton of potentials so I'm just hoping a few come through though. Usually we can get 20 phone numbers and get maybe 1 new investigator ha-ha, but that is alright we just have to keep finding those people that are ready!

There was mini transfers this week I had a feeling I may get moved because I have been with my companion so long, but nope sure enough I got to stay, which I'm happy about. I need to take advantage of my Thai companion and get all the good language study out of him I can! Plus he is a way good guy so I won't be having any problems being with him for another 4-5 weeks! Even if he is trunky, I can handle it. 

That is really it for this week! We have Zone Conference this Thursday in Udorn so that should be fun! Hopefully we get some good food! It was a pretty good week though. Please pray for our investigator Winay and his word of wisdom problems though. He is going to need all the help he can get! Have a great week everyone, love you all!


Getting my package from home that Brother Gang brought me!!! He is the best!

Elder Sae Dan showing the CTR on his finger that my family sent him! 

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