Monday, July 14, 2014

Samut Prakan is Officially a Ward!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 57
Week Twelve in Samut Prakan
Monday, July 14, 2014

Hey,What's up?

Well this week was pretty crazy for the most part! I'll first start off with church yesterday! I'm just camping out on the piano playing prelude music and I see someone walk in through the windows with someone that I have never seen before next thing you know 10 more people come in following her ha-ha! We invited this one person to church and she brought 10 friends; it was pretty crazy!  So this week we had 15 investigators at church ha-ha! Quite a bit, huh? Our investigator Phing came which was good, she is doing the best out of all our investigators. It was her second time at church, but because she is only 17 she has to come to church 4 times before she can get baptized. The next two weeks though she can't come because she has to work. I did teach her after church though which we was good she has almost everything down, she just needs to learn about a couple of more commandments and some parts of lesson 5, but she is doing way good! I kind of gave her a little baptismal interview afterwards, asking the questions without her really knowing it was a interview. Her faith is way good that is for sure! She says she believes in Joseph Smith and that he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. If she knew about tithing and President Monson which I haven't taught her yet she would pass an interview for sure so that is all good! Hopefully we can baptize her when she comes back; that would be ideal. As for Guy and Mai both of them didn't show up and they were supposed to come we called them the night before and they said they were coming, but church rolled around and they show. Same with Brother Way, he is said he was coming and didn't; so that was too bad. But we had 2 new investigators to church just after inviting them this week! So a pretty decent week. Also the other big news was that the Stake President came to our meeting yesterday and Samut Prakan was officially changed into a ward WoooooHoooo! Pretty sweet we are a ward now, I think the main reason they did it was because they get more rights to getting a new building for the church and stuff like that because we really don't have enough qualify for a ward. We did have 87 people at church yesterday though; so that was way cool! 

As far as this week we have just still be going crazy with trying to find new investigators we got 45 new phone numbers this week! It is hard though because Savage and I are doing all the work while Elder Kettavong just sits and watches us not working very hard, but what can you do. He is complaining that we are doing the work of the Lord but there isn't anything we will change because we are just obeying the rules doing what we are supposed to do!

I did go on a switch off this week though and I went to Bang Na and went with Elder Reed; who is a greenie! He definitely has his greenie magic working, but I was his trainer for the day. I forgot how long it is to study until noon everyday instead of 10:30 ha-ha; but we got our inviting time in and got about 15 numbers in about 2 hour, so pretty dang good! We taught some lessons and switched back! It was interesting. I really missed my bed in Samut Prakan plus their house wasn't very clean so a bad nights rest which owned me for this week because I've been way tired ever since; but that's alright!

We had a good week, hopefully all this hard work will just bring a bunch of baptisms here soon; that is my hope and to just keep workin hard! That is really all for this week, nothing great happened! Anyways, love you all, have a great week!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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