Monday, October 13, 2014

Blessings for being Diligent...

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 70
Week Four in Sisaket
Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey how's life going back in the US?

This has been a pretty good week! Every week is good; that is for sure!

Well we had a goal for Supad to get baptized this week, but he just never pulled through I'd call him set up an appointment and I'd call him the day before to confirm and he'd cancel. This happened about 3 times; so yeah we didn't get a baptism this week, but that is okay! 

This week was a really rough week as far as inviting; to be honest we didn't see much success at all from finding new investigators, but we were blessed from our diligence; which was awesome. On Tuesday one of the RC's here brought us two of her friends and we were able to start teaching them; their names are Kitty and Yam. They are pretty good, but they went out of town so they couldn't come to church which was too bad; but maybe next week!

On Wednesday; we invited and went to the church to teach our investigator; Tri, but she didn't show and we just talked with this member named Sister Ped about Less actives and we ended up calling one, Sshe came 15 minutes later to the church and we taught her; it was way awesome. To make it even better she came to church on Sunday; it was way cool!

Thursday was honestly a really rough day! We invited for quite a few hours which was hard because there was not much success at all and we had 4 appointments set up for the night and they all canceled; it was so disappointing! We had scripture calls though; which was good we will see how it keeps going.

Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday we invited for a really long time and worked quite hard with some good diligence, but just weren't finding any investigators. It makes us feel like we are doing something wrong, but sometimes we receive are investigators or blessings in other ways through diligence by doing the inviting we are supposed to do every day. We had sports night which was just a blast. We play volleyball every Friday night with the branch; it is way fun. Surprisingly enough the Thai people are pretty good at volleyball and love it, but I tell you my size and athleticism really does fluster them because I can just block their spikes and spike it down on them way easy; it is awesome. We actually have a basketball hoop at church and I can still dunk a volleyball way easy. So that was comforting that I haven't lost too much over this time. So it should be easy to get back in shape when I'm home, so no worries if you think I've lost my hops; Dad, I still have them!

Conference on Saturday was way awesome! Tons of good talks for the most part I really enjoyed Uchtdorf's, Holland's and some guy from the 70 I think his name was Jorg, but they were way good. It was just a good spiritual regeneration for the next 6 months. We were really blessed though after we finished our 6 hours of conference we went out inviting and were just not finding anyone as usual then we ran into two members these 2, 14 years girls and they were like are you guys finding lots of investigators and I was like nope! Ha-ha. Then as a joke I was like; will you find some for us and they are like, yeah so I was like, okay go for it and gave them a stack of baptismal cards a piece of paper and a pen. 20 minutes later they come running back, just so happy and they got us 7 new potential investigators; talk about a miracle really, it was so awesome!

Sunday we were really blessed. One of the RC calls me at 8:00 and is like; hey Elder I'm bringing a friend today I was just like; yes!!!! Soo awesome. Then we also had one of the people we met inviting come to church so we had two new investigators. They both stayed for conference, it was way awesome! After conference was all over we had a baptismal service. The sisters baptism; 1 girl and the other elders baptized a newly married couple and the little sister it! It was really like baptizing a family which was so cool to see! Then after that we had to practice this silly Thai dance show we have to do next week in Khon Kaen. So next week the 3 districts in the Eesaan are all meeting together to have a special meeting over there so we have to go there on Saturday and come back on Monday. So our p-day is going to be changed to Tuesday next week I'm pretty sure; so most likely I will not be emailing on Monday it will be Tuesday; I believe!

Hope you all have a great week, Thanks for everything you all do in supporting me back home! I will be finishing up the Book of Mormon here probably on Wednesday so I'm excited to finish that another time, that always feels good! Love you all!

Elder Watkins

When he first got to Sisaket...he said he had to do some cleaning...looks to me like they did a lot of cleaning! Here are the before and after pictures!

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