Monday, October 6, 2014

First Baptism in Sisaket!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 69
Week Three in Sisaket
Monday, October 06, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I'll start off with why we are emailing later today! The Zone Leaders went down to Bangkok this last week to get the MLC training from President Senior. They scheduled my district and the Yasothorn district to receive our training in Ubon Sunday night at 6 pm; so that is what we did! We headed there and slept at their house! It was crazy we had 14 Elders in a 6 Elder house so it was pretty rough night of sleep. Brother Keng decided to come up to Ubon to spend our p-day with us. We rented a vehicle to take us around! We went to this mountain called PhaTaem in the Pha Taem National Park which is by the border of Laos. We also went to a waterfall it was way cool. We went with Brother Keng and the 4 Yasothorn Elders which Elder Batey is there who was with me in Nongkhai and of course my companion Elder Mitchell. It was a way good time and definitely a really rare, lucky opportunity that we got to go! It was way awesome though. I also got my ties back from Brother Keng they are finished and all good to go way awesome! I haven't really gotten a chance to look at them, but they do look pretty cool!

Anyways the big news for this week was the Brother Tam got baptized! Woooo! Way awesome. We had to work way hard to get him baptized this week; that was for sure. First it is hard to teach him because his Thai really isn't the great. I speak better Thai than him. But the great thing is that he has 3 buddies who are also Cambodian and they are all members, so when he doesn't understand they just translate for him; it was way awesome. I remember when I thought Thai sounded cool (which is still does) but man does Khmer the language they speak in Cambodia sound pretty awesome! We even got to go teach him at one of the Cambodian guy’s brother’s house who is actually the guy who baptized him! They live in a foundation that has cinder blocks built around it; man do I give these guys a lot of respect. They don't have a car or motorcycle. They just cruise on these bikes; it is way awesome. They are such studs it is unreal! Everything worked out great and he was able to get baptized; it was such a special experience. It was Elder Mitchell first baptism for him on his mission! It was such an awesome experience I remember the first time we had someone get baptized; man it was so special! Such love from God has entered into Bro. Tam life and I'm just so happy that I was able to have any part in it! 

Brother Tam's Baptism

Other than that this week was kind of rough! We had a few days where we'd go finding for 2-3 hours and just couldn't get anything! We have been talking about it though and we have some new places and ideas we are going to try out this coming week; I'm pumped! I think we will be able to tear it up! We were able to get balanced key indicators this week so that was awesome. We are also shooting for another baptism this week; his name is Suphad he is a 61 year old guy! He has come to church twice now, but hasn't really ever learned. We have an appointment for him tomorrow at 9 am so we will see what we can do for him; I'm pumped! Keep him in your prayers if you don't mind. We are going to try and pull off another miracle this week. It is amazing how many miracles you see on your mission and my testimony just continues to grow more and more each day! Everything is going great!

I'll be finishing the Book of Mormon this week; I'm excited for that, it always feels good. Then I think I'm going to finish off D&C because I’m already at around section 90 so I'm around halfway! I'm about halfway through PMG which is also a good read. Much easier for me to read than the scriptures; I'm on chapter 6 now. Should finish it probably next week is my guess!

Hope you all have a great week! Love you so much!


Elder Landon J Watkins

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