Monday, March 2, 2015

Last week before transfers; Madness!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 90
Week Twelve in Roi Et
Monday, March 02, 2015

Hey everyone!

This was a pretty fast week for sure! I can't believe how quickly it passed by! Anyways, I'll start off talking about Ern!
On Monday we had an appointment with her at 10 and we called her and she said that she couldn’t come and can’t come and can we meet later today at 5 p.m. Five o’clock rolls around and she doesn't come or answer her phone. We are like really, are you doing this again? Tuesday we are tried to get a hold of her all day and he phone just said; line busy so we can't talk to her. Wednesday we finally get a hold of her and set up an appointment which she doesn't show up again. We are just like well; there goes our hopes for a baptism this week! We called her one more time on Thursday and set up an appointment for 12.  Twelve o clock rolls around and sure enough she isn't there so we call her a few times; no answer... We are just like okay, again, really? 12:25 comes around and sure enough she finally showed up, I was so pumped! We finished teaching her everything she needed to know and we asked her if she would like to be baptized on Saturday and she just was like, yeah! We were so excited! We did her interview right after and she passed that! We had to have her baptism on Saturday so she could receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday before she leaves for her studies in China next Thursday! The baptism went great and she was able to get baptized on Saturday and get confirmed; it was such a miracle and we couldn't have done it without our Heavenly Father helping us. It was an awesome way to get a baptism the last week of the transfers.

The update on Wirat is we met with him a few times, but he is still being the same way! He did say he's willing to let us meet his family as long as it is convenient, so now we’re are going to try and meet them this week before transfers! We just need to meet his family and show him that if he is baptized it won't cause his family to break up! 

Church was good though this week we had 105 people which was low, but we had 28 RC which was good. We also had 4 investigators which was cool because we had only one that we have been teaching who is way awesome and will get baptized this coming Sunday. We also had two new people named Bird and Booy who we found and got them both to church.  We also had a members younger sister, named Pumpim. She also has a date for next week, but she is only 14 so her father will have to give her permission which might be hard because her father doesn't really like the church very much, but we will just go over and meet with him and try and talk to him about it! So pray for her father to open up his heart! 
Harvesting Watermelons...

Looks like he is still playing with animals :)
Yesterday after church we went and visited a family the lives an 1 1/2 hours away by car; it was so far! They are half active which means the Mom and Daughter come to church, but the husband doesn't. It's cool because they are watermelon farmers so we got to harvest watermelons to take home with us; it was so awesome! Ha-ha.  That’s really all the awesome things that happened this week! Transfers is on Thursday so I may be moving or staying I have no idea! 

Love you all have a great week! :)

Elder Landon J Watkins

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