Monday, February 23, 2015

I Rode a Water Buffalo!!!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 89
Week Eleven in Roi Et
Monday, February 23, 2015

Well this week was pretty fun!

It was another really rough week, to be honest, but we taught tons of lessons and found tons of new investigators. Just none of our investigators are ready yet to commit to baptisms and it's a bit frustrating.

Anyways! The awesome thing that happened last Monday was we went and rode a water buffalo ha-ha! It was so awesome! It is just a members Water Buffalo here and they just leave it by this huge river and let it hang out so we went to the members house where it usually is, but it wasn't there and she told us that it was down by the river. So we headed over there and sure enough a Mom and the baby are just lying in the water ha-ha! All 7 of us went as missionaries, but everyone was just frightened; except me! So I climbed down and pulled the buffalo out of the water hahaha! We took a few pictures with it! Then since I knew everyone else was already scared I asked; “who wants to go first?” and everyone just looks at me in silence. I figured that's what would happen so I said; “fine I'll go first” ha-ha so I jumped right up on! It was so fun ha-ha and just exhilarating! There should be a video of me getting on the buffalo and some pictures! There is also a picture of the Family Home Evening we had that same night at the District Presidency 2 counselors house, it was pretty fun!

As far as this week went for investigators. Ern and Ahh didn't come to church as we had hoped and they both quit picking up their phones... Then all of the sudden Sunday morning at 7:30 Ern called and asked if she can come to church.  Originally she couldn't so it was such a miracle. So now we are going to meet with her today and try and baptize her on Thursday so she can receive the Holy Ghost before she goes back to study in China next week. Please keep Ern in your prayers!

We found 9 new investigators this week which was crazy! We have quite a few good ones! We have a girl named; Ice who has been coming to English for a while and wants to be baptized! She could have gotten baptized this coming week if she would have been able to come to church yesterday, but she had an activity at the university that she had to go to!

Our 83 year old investigators Wirat is doing okay; we have finished teaching him everything and tried everything we can to help him. We even had the Stokers come and help us teach him, but he is just so worried about causing a division in his family if he gets baptized. We need to talk to his family or lets us meet them, but he won't let us meet them so hopefully he will talk with them. We are going to have him interview probably on Wednesday just so we can say you are ready to be baptized; now it's up to you to make it happen.

Anyways at church yesterday we had 121 people which was pretty awesome our whole Zone had balanced key indicators. We had 26 RCs at church and my companionship had 6 investigators so it was pretty awesome! 
We went and took the sacrament to a few homes of people that were too sick to come to church which was a good experience. After we had dinner at the Stokers house, She made BBQ chicken, peas and carrots, potatoes, and cheesecake! It was pretty good except I'm not a big fan of cheesecake, but it's better than most Thai desserts ha-ha. That's all for this week!

Elder Landon J Watkins

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