Monday, May 18, 2015

Last Email???

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 101
Week Five in Chiang Mai
Monday, May 18, 2015

Hey everyone!

This was a pretty wild last week and didn't go near like I expected ha-ha!

On Monday we went to the Zoo it was pretty awesome but we kind of got there a little late because of waiting for the sisters so we didn't get to see everything, but we did get to see the most important thing which was the “Pandas” they were so cool! 

This week we just were trying to go wild with inviting so that is where we spent most of our time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We ended up getting 88 phone numbers which was pretty awesome. We were just trying to get as many new investigators at church as possible! We met with Brother Beam on Wednesday and were trying to get him baptized this past Sunday, but we went out of town and we didn't have enough time to teach him. but we did get come to church with his friend John and we taught them then. They both have accepted dates for the 24th to be baptized so please keep them in your prayers.

Wednesday night we caught a bus up to Chiang Rai and did a switch off. I was with Elder Mitchell and Elder Curtis; it was so awesome. I was so pumped and just had a great time getting to be with Elder Mitchell again, he's so awesome and he is still growing so much. It's cool to see how much progress he has made since I trained him. On Wednesday night we got a call from the AP's saying that Elder Tamang needed to go to Bangkok to renew his visa so in order to keep working in both areas we needed to do another switch off so I'd be going down to Bangkok with Elder Tamang. So our bus to Bangkok left at 8:30 on Thursday night and our bus left Chiang Rai at 5 on Thursday so our bus pulled in right at 8:30 I jumped off the bus and had to run to the bus to Bangkok to make it on time it was wild ha-ha! We got there at around 5:30 in the morning and went to the visa place. We got his visa all renewed and I just felt gross so we went over to the AP's house so I could shower; which felt awesome. We then walked over to the office to get some money from Elder Meeker so we could get back to Chiang Mai.  We walked through the door and President Senior is right there. He says; hey you two come in my office; so we talked with President; President is like whoa you are going home next week what are you planning on doing? Wait a second how about we just have your finishing interview. I was like umm... okay I'm not as ready as I'd like to be, but whatever. So I have had my final interview with President Senior already; it was pretty awesome. He's is such a cool guy and he will be heading home here himself, July 1st. We got some Carl's Jr. for lunch since it was buy one get one free burgers. We got on a bus back to Chiang Mai later that night and got home at 5:30. So you can guess I only had an hour of sleep in my own bed. I was sooooo tired I couldn't believe it. There just hasn't been much rest recently, but this week should be better.

Saturday we had a good work day and did some inviting and went and taught Elder Khanakhams sister (the member of the 70’s). She's so awesome and one of the funniest old ladies I've met on my mission for sure. She's been a member for a month, but her testimony is so strong and bold; I love it. 

Yesterday was a good day at church we had some new investigators and Brother Brin is back and is going to be baptized this Sunday. Right now we have 3 daters for next Sunday, but 5 more potentials who could be baptized so we are shooting for the best. We need at least 4 to accomplish our goal for this month so wish us luck and pray for us; because we need it! Love you all so much!

This morning we woke up at 3:00 to go to this mountain and see these temples and a waterfall and then rode some elephants it was one of the coolest trips I've done for sure. It was great too, because we went with Brother Keng; what a good guy! Well I'm not sure if we will be emailing much next week or not at all; so this might be it! Have a great week and I will see you all soon!

Elder Landon J Watkins

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