Monday, May 4, 2015

Short email...but lots of pictures!

Elder Landon J Watkins Week 99
Week Three in Chiang Mai

Monday, May 04, 2015

Hey everyone!

Sorry I literally have no time to email this week so this is definitely going to be the worst email of my mission; I'm really sorry.

Okay, well anyways; last week we headed up to the mountain and had a great time and saw some cool things so I sent pictures of that. We didn't end up going to the zoo, but we did go to a snake farm which was pretty cool!

This past week was awesome because for the most part we were in our area for the whole week. We did do a switch off in Lampang though, but I was able to stay here and work in our area. This last week we saw tons of success and I haven't found this many investigators so quickly in a new area my whole mission. We had 11 new investigators this past week with 8 investigators at church; it was just incredible. Sister Moh the girl I found my second day here in Chiang Mai got baptized on Sunday which was so awesome! I didn't get to teach her a ton because we ended up giving her to the sisters, but I was just as pumped to see her get baptized as if I had taught her every lesson! 

Yesterday was so wild at church we had 118 people in Branch 2 and 100 in Branch 1 which was just headache because the translation equipment broke so I just had to sit next to 10 different tourist and translate and to top it off it was fast Sunday which didn't help. By the end of my second Elders Quorum my brain was starting to shut down. I couldn't even understand Thai anymore; it was quite the experience!

We have 7 daters right now; 2 of them on May 17th and 5 for the 24th so we are going to be working really hard with them. This week we have MLC and switch offs that we need do too, so we will be heading to Bangkok on Tuesday night and we will be doing training and switch offs Thursday and Friday so we won't have much time to work in our area; so pray for us to be able to have miracles happen with our investigators while we are gone! 

Today we woke up really early and went to Chiang Rai. We went to a Tea farm, the White Temple and rode Ostriches it was pretty fun and we had a good time! Hopefully the pictures will upload fast so you will be able to get to see some! If not I'll finish them next week!

So as far as skyping we will be doing that next week and we will be getting on around 11 AM here to Skype. I'm not sure what time it is there so if you guys can be ready that'd be great. Sorry I'm out of time; love you all!
Elder Landon J Watkins

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