Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Elder Russell M. Nelson's visit.

Elder Ng-Woon or "Elder Kiwi" as they call him...

Kumusta Ka Po? (How are you in Tagalog),

Well so far I have learned a little Tagalog just because we teach quite a bit of Filipinos here and their pretty cool. Umm I guess I will answer those questions before I forget. We have two apartments right now since we are covering 3 areas. Elder Kiwi has been out for 14 months and has served 4 months in KL and in Singapore and Tawau. He is Samoan and was born in New Zealand and both his parents are Samoan. We serve in three branches and we are the only missionaries for them as of right now. Our ZL’s are in KL or Ampang which is by KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Community College) and there are also sister missionaries over there too. So as of right now there will only be us for those two area's till new missionaries come in March. And even then we will still be really low on missionaries, since most missionaries cover multiple areas. The food here is ok and there is a lot of American food, so it's expensive. We went to Carl’s jr. the other day, but they don’t have six dollar burgers ha-ha. Oh yeah yesterday I had a Ramly burger and the meat was Ostrich :) yummm.

So I guess this week’s highlights is Elder Russell M. Nelson came :) it was way cool. He talked about a lot of cool things, but the cool stuff was that he said the greatest message that we have to share is Jesus Christ lives. I guess when he was in Miri in East Malaysia he said at the member fireside that they should write down how many members they currently have in Miri, because in the future they will have multiple Stakes in Miri and so many members. He said you'll look back and think the Branch was established at this time and the number of members were so few, then you can laugh about it because it will be so big. And he said you can take this as Prophecy. It was crazy and the spirit was so strong the whole meeting with the members and missionaries in KL. Sister Nelson said she had never felt the spirit it such a way like in our Missionary Meeting and that she loves it how many languages are spoken in Malaysia and so far in every meeting there has been some kind of translation being done. We had a member from Indonesia at the missionary meeting, she’s a maid and she got lucky that she could get work off in the morning to see Elder Nelson, since the only off time she gets is to go to church. But I got to translate for her and it was a great experience because she has such a great soul and she was so excited. She got to meet him and shake his hand and she was so happy and that point I could really feel the spirit as she talked with him and Kiwi and I translated for her. Over all it was crazy awesome.

The other day we went to this museum thing called Petrosian which was way cool had a lot of interactive things and was way fun.

We had our sweet investigator Kalyany and her daughter at church on Sunday and she really liked it a lot. I also had to give a surprise talk on Sunday since Elder Jeffries was supposed to speak and since he was no longer here I had to speak.... and then no teachers showed up for Gospel Principles so they asked for my help in that too... so overall it was crazy. But we have some American members here in KL and some from England and it is cool but weird to see other white people. Well, that’s all for this week.

Oh, except when I was on exchanges with Elder Mattox from Florida we were teaching and he went to say the prayer and he totally ripped his pants in the crotch area ha-ha… so funny. He said he was so embarrassed. Ok now that’s all.

Ingat Po.
Elder Watkins

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The Hatch Family said...

Who would have thought that our sons could teach gospel doctrine on the spot. Missions are amazing.