Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transferred Again...Ipoh last week, Kuala Lumpur this week!

Well I am no longer in Ipoh ha-ha.... I am now serving in Kuala Lumpur in 3 branches PJ 1, PJ 2, and the Klang branch. So far it’s been pretty good. So I guess when Elder Stone said it would be short it was really short ha-ha. So I won’t really answer too many questions about Ipoh since I am no longer there but the members were way awesome.

Chinese New Year consisted of a lot of fireworks a lot of food and a lot of ang pow :) ( “ang pow” is a small red envelope that usually has money in it and is for good luck) So pretty much Chinese New Year rocks if you’re single because that’s who ang pow usually goes to.

That’s pretty crazy I served with Joe’s cousins stepson? I’ll see him in a couple weeks at Zone conference with Elder Russell M. Nelson. Elder Blissett started out in Singapore for 2 months and then in Ipoh for 1 month. My new Companion is really cool his name is Elder Ng-woon or Elder Kiwi he is from New Zealand he’s pretty sweet. He speaks Samoan though since his parents are both there, but he was born and lived in New Zealand. Ipoh was great though we did a lot of work and it was way fun. The members there are crazy awesome. Elder Blissett has some good things that are going to come from Ipoh soon from baptism to referrals so it’s exciting.

Here in KL we have an Indonesian lady getting baptized in two weeks and then in 3 weeks a Tamil lady, then at the same time a way cool Filipino lady. There is a lot of Filipinos here and they are way cool, but KL has a huge mix of people from Africans to Koreans to Chinese etc. it’s pretty sweet. So far I have met a couple of members. Sister Clarita and Sister Klarence both Filipino and way cool. They totally tricked us in to saying something in Filipino though. We were trying to get there referral to come and sit down and learn, so we say how do you say like, come here in Tagolic and they say, Halikan Mo Ako and so we said it, and turns out it means “kiss me” ha-ha there was no kissing but a lot of laughter. Then yesterday we went and meet with Sister Louisa and her family she is from the Philippines and she’s married to a Tamil man and their family is way awesome their middle daughter just graduated from BYU Hawaii with a Masters in piano, so she is crazy good. We went and helped them trim their trees yesterday and it was crazy awesome ha-ha. They hooked us up with a referral that is also Filipino tamily girl who's way nice. I’ll send some pictures.

Sister Louisa's Family with Nathan after tree trimming!

Yesterday also we had some traditional Chinese New Year’s food and then got to see a crazy dragon dance with a nice member here. I love this place so much the people here are so amazing. Malaysia is pretty much the place to be. Malay will become tougher to master here but slowly, slowly ha-ha. Most people here just speak English ha-ha. But it’s weird to see other white people. But the people of Malaysia are amazing and it’s awesome. Elder Kiwi begs to differ on Malaysia ha-ha, he doesn’t like it too much or their language so he’s learning Indonesian instead ha-ha and Tagolic ha-ha, but he’s still cool even though he is a rebel. Umm that’s all I can think of for this week.

Elder Watkins


The Hatch Family said...

WOW!!! So much can change in a week. He must be needed there. I am sure he is in for big events there.

Garrick Fam said...

I'm so discouraged to see your counter. You need to change that. 490 something days is way too many.