Wednesday, April 14, 2010

275 Stairs to the Top of Batu Caves

Batu Caves

at the Easter Cantana

Eating Coconuts...

Hey everyone,

This week was good. We went and taught Jacob some more and brought a member with us to help him break the smoking habit. He’s doing well and still loves church especially conference. So we saw conference last Sunday and Saturday by the way. Jacob is slowly progressing and will get in the water soon ha-ha. Andrian is going well he won't be baptized till April 25 due to some vacation problems ha-ha. He’s doing awesome and still the same old same old with him ha-ha. He loves to play games with us at his place but, isn't too happy when Marie Jean or someone else wins ha-ha.

We found this new cool Vietnamese investigator who’s doing pretty well. We met him last Friday and just taught him last night. He definitely has the desire to learn, he asked great questions and when we gave him a Vietnamese Book or Mormon last week he already had read 10 pages of it and understood and asked questions about it. He thought it was one of the most interesting books he has ever read, except he thinks he can't finish it since he’s lazy and said it’s such a big book ha-ha.

On Monday we met up with a member from Indonesia named Nofri and her sister Santi in an attempt to get her to learn we met up with them at Batu Caves... which isn't my favorite place one cause of the 275 stairs which we had already climbed once before they got there out of boredom... But her sister is a non member and we were trying to get her to meet up with us and let us teach her later. So we introduced the Book of Mormon and she wouldn't take it sadly. she just keep saying later... then Nofri was sad cause she wants her sister to feel like she does at church but, her sister is all about a charismatic church with loud music, guitars, drums etc.

On Sunday we met up with Eddy Wong a return missionary from this mission who’s from KK and some of his family is in our ward. We went and saw him before he went off to BYU Hawaii last Monday. He’s way cool and should do well there.

We’ve also been teaching some Nepalese guys who are pretty cool. 1 is RC 1 is Hindu and 1 is Jehovah Witness. They are all pretty good and will be coming to church next month when their work shifts changes. Right now they work day shift from 7am-7pm but next month it’s from 7pm to 7am so they will come to church then. One has already been to church once and loved it. We also taught a Fijian last week and she’s cool part of her family are members already. She isn't super interested right now but things could change.

And I have never had that ice cream sandwich you saw on the Amazing Race before but, I have had plenty of other interesting ice cream things before. I have had Durian ice cream and they usually put them on sticks and they are square. But Elder Kiwi has had it before said he didn't like it but, he is like Landon pilih budak...picky ha-ha.

Since the 4 missionaries went home we got a new Zone Leader named Elder Austin and he’s cool so far ha-ha he only wears black ties though he-he. And Mountain Dew is sold all over KL btw so I am so happy this week ha-ha now all we need in Dr. Pepper. Oh and Elder Leavitt my trainer is now a ZL in KK that’s also something that happened.

Today we are going to the travel the tourism center of Malaysia to see all the Malaysian traditional dances which should be pretty cool.

Happy Birthday Grandma Berlin! Selamat Hari Jadi Nanek.
Elder Watkins

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