Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What do you eat your chicken with at KFC in America...a spork???

Awesome "ABC Fadana"

Where I went for my Visa was pretty and clean

The new and awesome Mountain Dew Billboard in KL...because they don't produce Mountain Dew in Malaysia ;)...side note...Nathan's favorite drink...I think he misses it more than anything!!! So...I just had to post it.

Hey everyone,

Well this last week was pretty good except for people coming to church sucked.... ayo.... we had all these people set up and that said they were coming to church. We called, went to pick them up, did everything we could and no one came except 2 ha-ha :/ But other than that the week rocked as usual. On Monday we had interviewed Jacob an African man for baptism... turns out he still smokes a little and we miss had understood what he said. He wants to be baptized so bad but, he has to quit smoking :/ But, he has such a strong desire and is already a member ha-ha.

Andrian our Iban kid is progressing very well and he loves us so much he keeps trying to let us borrow his Alvin and The Chipmunk’s movie ha-ha, but we can't watch it ha-ha. He’s way funny. We always wants to wrestles with us and its way funny.

Zone Conference was pretty good, had some good stuff to learn about and we didn’t do anything too exciting because I was just showing other missionaries cool things since I have already done it all. But we had pizza for lunch and Krispy Kreme donuts which was awesome.

Renee our other investigator told us she knows the church is true and the Book of Mormon is true but, she is scared of her parents so she is in KK for 2 weeks, so we committed her to talk to her parents and then have the missionaries come over and talk with her parents so they can understand. We challenged her for baptism and she wants to do it, just scared of her parents. On Saturday we had an Easter program which was really good and cool.

We have some real talent here in KL for singing… its crazy. We had some investigators there and Jacob was there and he loved it. He had the biggest smile on his face. Lately we have been working a lot through the members for finding cause knocking… freaking sucks ha-ha but, when you need people to teach and you haven’t gotten any referrals knocking is the only way to go.

We met with this awesome member from Kuching 3rd Branch who is here for school and we met her and ate some KFC with her then taught her some. She is way funny she asked me what KFC was like in America, I told we don't have rice with it and there is no chili sauce ha-ha. She’s like… no chili sauce???? What do you eat your chicken with ha-ha. Then I proceeded to try to explain what a Spork is… wow… I never thought I would have to do that or how hard a spork is to explain to a Malaysian ha-ha.... She took us to have some ais kachang afterwards but this isn’t your average ais kachang it had hot chocolate, chocolate syrup and fruit in it. Awe man it was amazing. It’s called ABC fadana… it was good and it’s only served in a place called Shah Alam which is outside of KL. If you guys come here to get me we go get one of those for sure and a Ramly Burger from out in front of where we stay. There both so awesome. I will take a video of them making a Ramly some time and send it home cause it’s actually pretty cool.

On Monday I had to go get a visa extension... it sucked cause it took like 7 hours between traveling to immigration which was like 45 minutes away. It is in the nicest part of Malaysia I have ever seen... then waiting forever.... ayo.... but I got it with no problems so I personally don't go to Singapore till June 12, which could change depending on transfers and new people etc. we’ll see. And we have like 4 people going home on Monday.... Elder Mattox from Florida, Elder Stone from Utah, Elder Morgan from New Zealand, and a sister who I don’t know. So that means something will happen and we’ll wait and see.

Well that's all...
Elder Watkins

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