Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mosjid was pretty freaking cool!

The Mosjid that they went to on P-day...the tall spires are called minarets.

Nathan at the Mosjid

Kiwi and Nathan inside the Mosjid...this is in the prayer room.

How Far!?!? I day fine.... he-he that is Nigerian Pigeon English ha-ha... and when you speak it to them they love it.

Well this last week was alright. Renee's mom was just here. We didn't get to talk to her but, it didn't go super well when I gave them the letter we wrote. I am not sure if I told you last week about the letter but, the Smiths suggested we write a letter to her parents and stuff so I wrote one and gave it to Renee to give to her parents which she did and yesterday she sms'd us and said her father had sent an email in response to the letter and that it was not good..... So I suppose she just isn't a person who the Lord has prepared for us and we are just the people who were to start to teach her etc. Elder Kiwi said we are like Elis from the Bible where we go out and we find lots of people plant the seed and get them pretty far but, we are only preparing them for other people to take care of. Which is fine as long as their faith is getting affected as we teach them now?

Jacob is getting Baptized this Saturday so woohhhooooo freaking sweet. I hope after all this he will be able to take the gospel back and share it with his family in Nigeria and they too will also accept the gospel. He is really prepared to be baptized and to think it all started with us preaching a sermon to like 8 Africans and they would all just argue with us and then out of all that confusion one came to church and felt the spirit and knew it was true and now he hasn't missed church for 2 months.

Well funny story. As we are waiting for a Filipino to come down and come with us to church these 3 Filipina’s (Filipino=man Filipina=women) walked by and stared at us funny then stood kind of close by and they kept talking amongst themselves and then they would stare at us. Kiwi turns to me and goes man, their Filipinas and then I said, ok then you should go contact them. And he’s like no, you man. And I was like Na I scared they've been standing there for a while now and it was kinda funny. Then Kiwi says man you’re not a man if you can't talk to them. So I thought about it then went over and talked with them. I walked up and was like Hey, are you guys from the Philippines and there like, yeah. And I said we are missionaries from the church and their like, the Mormon Church? And I said yeah. One said, I have been to your church and my mom is a member but she has already passed away. They were going to a Catholic Church but, now we are starting to teach them. So they were pretty excited to meet us. Ones name was Pennsylvania ha-ha.

We also met with a member from main land China last week and he doesn't speak any English and he took us out to a nice place to eat dinner with his Mom and Dad and him who all don't speak English. So with are like 10 Chinese phrases we were able to somehow communicate for an hour and 30 minutes ha-ha so crazy. All we would say is this is delicious or this is nice or cool or what is your name ha-ha.

Sister Christine or recent convert from Indonesia is doing awesome and she got time off from her slaver to come meet with us and she took us out to lunch. She is so short but she is so awesome and has a great testimony even though she still prays like a Muslim ha-ha… it’s so funny to hear her pray.

Sister Ima another member who is Indonesian has a cool friend for us. She is going to bring them to church. She always brings friends for the missionaries to teach and the sad thing is she goes back to Indonesia on May 26.... So sad. She is so awesome and always gives me crap in Malay and when I attempt to translate for them she writes down all the things I say wrong ha-ha.

We also met with Sister Caroline and with Sister Gloria from East Malaysia and had lunch and asked them for friends to teach. Sister Caroline had given us a friend to teach but, wasn't super interested to the point that her friend was sitting behind us at the hawker stall and didn't say hi to us or Caroline which was really sad.... but what can you do eh? So then she proceeds to tell us that there are two Ibans over there and to go talk to them so we went over and it was weird but they listened till the bus came and we got there number. The funny part is we are in Shah Alam so they pointed out that we were the only two Christians amongst a billion Muslim girl’s ha-ha since it’s near a girl school. Shah Alam is the countries capitol.

We also taught a guy named Prince from Nigeria and his friend Folarian and their both pretty cool. but Folarian was talking about how Christ turned the water to wine then got drunk then Prince was like, no stupid he turned it into like a juice not wine and it’s not ok to get drunk and Christ wasn't drunk. So he totally destroyed him. The best part was they were very sorry they couldn’t come to church because we haven’t taught them before and they said they pray in this special corner for repentance. So they showed us this corner and in it was a Book of Mormon, some coins and that was it. He said he bought the BOM off a friend and he loved it. They had also come to church two weeks ago but had never been given a BOM by us so, it was way crazy so, he already has a testimony of it. It’s pretty crazy.

The Mosjid was pretty freaking cool and big. It very similar to the temple but it holds 25,000 men in the prayer room and the women’s room I don’t know how many. But it’s pretty nice and cool I will send some pictures. We are also going back again with all the elders for Zone Conference next week and to see the Sultans Palace and check out a museum and some cool malls ha-ha.

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