Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robert and Kalpana's Baptism

Robert and Kalpana's Baptism

Well this week was pretty awesome. It started out very well and ended very well with a baptism and confirmation. So Robert and Kalpana were baptized by Brother Senthuran and it went very well. They were very happy. Now this Saturday Robert will baptize Raymond who is their friend and he is like a Tamil lugi… he-he. He is way awesome and was in the Tamil Tigers at one point he said. He just had his interview yesterday and it went very well and he is so ready and very excited, although recently he hasn't looked so excited because he has an ulcer so he doesn’t always look to happy.

So this week we taught our 3 Indonesians Marie, Dewi, and Yanti. Yanti is still progressing very well and she is awesome. She will probably get baptized sooner. She is still reading every day and praying, and she came to church last week. We called her Saturday and she said she might not come cause a friend was getting married. Then we called her Sunday morning and she said that she will be there for sure because all that night at work she thought about church and said she just knew she had to come. So she came and brought Dewi and Marie who we are also teaching and it was their 1st time to church, 2nd time for Yanti. She is so awesome she told us at the end she'll never miss church for the world if she can come she will be there. Dewi and Marie said they know our church is true doctrinally but, they will pray to know if it is true, still they are both already very clever in the bible so, they know a lot of deep stuff and ask a lot of deep questions. Like about why Peter denied Christ 3 times. But they are so awesome and I love them to death they are like my sisters I never had. They are going to come with us and have dinner on Saturday or Sunday next week for my birthday. We’re going to eat some delicious Indonesian food by their home together with our hands ha-ha. So should be fun they are so funny and also they fall for all the good old tricks like… what’s that on your shirt and stuff so, its way funny and they are always so happy and love to see us and love to learn the word of God.

Glenda is also doing very well. She is still learning and reading every day and loves the gospel she is so awesome, it was sad though it was her boss’s kid’s b-day Sunday so, she didn't get to come to church. But she is still doing well.

We also had dinner at an American member’s home from Texas, he feed us pork sausages and Dr. Pepper and lots of Kool-Aid, and holy crap man I was so happy. He also fed us American Grade A beef steaks.... wah! I was so happy that day ha-ha it was so amazing. And that was pretty much our week.

We also found a Pasar Malam which is like a farmers market with clothes and lots of food I'll take a picture of it, there all over Malaysia and have good food and random trinkets and stuff and its cool, I’ll get a picture for you next week.

Also here are pictures of the baptism with Robert, Kalpana, Raymond, their son Nickish, and Sanjah. Sanjah has the best smile I have ever seen and Nickish is picking up English fast and loves Primary to death.

Elder Watkins

P.S. also in the picture is Brother Senthuran. All of them are from Sri Lanka and their awesome and should be a great addition to the branch and especially after they learn English.

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