Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amazing Indonesian Food from Jawa!!!

Playing Badminton with some Malay Kids

Pretty Good Tamil food

Eating Freaking Amazing...Sri Lankan Food

Hey everyone,

This week was pretty freaking awesome. To start off I have had a lot of new food that’s pretty good, Sri Lankan food and some Indonesian food. The Sri Lankan food was freaking amazing and was just normal. Then we had some Indonesian food from Jawa which was amazing, Holy Cow.... one I don't know the name but, the other is called Bakso. It’s pretty good though. I don’t know what’s in it and I just know that it is a noodle soup.

So we have been teaching quite a bit of new people and some the same. Robert and Kalpana will be getting baptized this Saturday we got the problem all taken care of and it’s way exciting. They are so ready and way excited to be baptized. This will be the first family that I have baptized which is way exciting. The kids are way awesome too but, still too young. It’s amazing to see how much their youngest boy has increased in just 2 months in English from us and church.

Raymond our other Sri Lankan is going along nicely and will get baptized next week. He is way funny and we recently found out he was in the war in Sri Lanka and got hit by a grenade one time, which is crazy. He’s way cool and funny.

Glenda our Filipina is freaking amazing she is so sweet and I love her to death. She is going to get baptized on the 20th of June and she freaking rocks. I challenged her to baptism and she just said; okay she would love too since she said she already know it’s true. She has already read a ton of the Book of Mormon and she freaking rocks. She is so awesome and progressing well. The only challenge is getting her interviewed for baptism because she only has Sunday off and we have to get her interviewed on June 6th or at District Conference on June 13 which is hard because District Conference is way far away and she only has so much time off because she is a maid.

We also have Yanti who is from Indonesia she is freaking awesome she is progressing nicely she is from Medon in Indonesia and she works at a factory and is way sweet. She loves the Joseph Smith story so much and pretty much knows the whole story by heart. She always brings new friends for us to teach when we meet her. We also just put her on baptism date for June 20th or sometime around there depends on when her off day is because, its 4 days work 2 days off but, they force them to work over time for the 1st day off... which is sad but ,she is still so freaking awesome and loves church so much. We were waiting for her last night in the rain and she saw us and came running to us, she is so funny and sweet.

So we have a ton of awesome people were teaching. We are also teaching a new family a mother and a daughter from the Philippines and they are both progressing well we taught them the word of wisdom in the 1st lesson and they were already willing to accept it all, which was awesome. We found a great spot recently which has a lot of Indonesians but, it’s rough to get them to church cause of their crappy work schedule so, they have to be pretty dedicated like Yanti or have Yanti as a friend ha-ha. But it’s like leaving West Malaysia and going to East Malaysia lots of Indonesians and their languages which is many ha-ha and awesome food. It’s pretty sweet. And that’s pretty much our week.

Elder Watkins


Georgia said...

It's so fun to read Nathan's letters! He is having such great success. I really hope he and Kevin get to serve together again. The diversity in the Singapore mission is so great! Kevin was way excited to serve where he'll really get to learn Malay. Nathan's turn is coming!

Kathy said...

He's lookin' good! I love the pictures... especially the one with the kids. The food doesn't look too shabby either:).