Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Pray...That's How They Get You!

Hey everyone

Well, I will just send a quick email this week. I am very sorry. One cause I just talked to you guys and 2nd cause this computer sucks that I am at and I wasted all my time waiting to load this stupid email stuff and the stupid worker here is being dumb and also smoking in here..... And it says NO SMOKING behind him...... Oh well what can you do.

Well this week is pretty awesome Glenda our Filipina investigator is freaking awesome we keep following up with her and she just continues to read and she’s cool. If you read the Book of Mormon and pray we will get you but, it’s not us it’s the Lord so that sign pretty much tells you that the church is true, if they tell you not to pray about it. But, she’s is awesome and she will be at church on Sunday and we will get to answer her questions she has for us and hopefully help her to know she has been feeling the spirit as she read and put her on baptism date :) She’s freaking awesome though.

We also have some new Filipino investigators here and there doing well. We went to teach them the plan of salvation and they asked us to answers three questions and their like please give us these answers we have always wanted to know the answers ha-ha. Now we just need to get their bums to church ha-ha.

Robert and Kalpana won't be getting baptized this week due to a problem with abortion so they both have to have further interviews with Pres. Clark’s counselor so they should get baptized, this always just puts a downer on things though... makes it harder but, if they truly know it’s true they can wait for it.

Things are going great here we recently found some cool Indonesians from Medon and they are hilarious always giggling and laughing very funny people. They were way excited to come to church right now, our only concern is they work at a factory and they work 7-7 am or pm switching so they have to be dedicated to come to church if they get off at 7am come to church them go home and sleep. So hopefully they can get a testimony quick :)This week we got lucky and they had Sunday for their off day but that switches every 4 days. One of them is related to a member here also from Maedon. So they are pretty golden if we overcome the one obstacle.

Our member from Indonesia, Sister Ima goes back to her home in Indonesia... so sad she always gave us people to teach and is very kind and sweet, it’s so sad to see her leave... but we had a party for her after church and she was happy but, also sad. She is way awesome.

Well that is all for the week.

Elder Watkins

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