Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas was Awesome even though it wasn't "White"...

Hey Everyone, 

Well, we got back from Miri Tuesday night. It was pretty cool to be able to go to Sarawak. Now I have seen the difference between the whole mission. It was definitely a lot smaller than KK, and even Tawau, and Sandakan. In their building wise nothing super big or more than two stories and lots of little kampongs all along the streets and everywhere. It definitely seems a lot different and the way the elders teach is totally different as well. It is probably one of the reasons why the mission is kind of split.  Like, everyone who is in Sarawak stays there because it is so different with the teaching style and the attitudes of the people. But, it was fun to experience my 24 hours of Sarawak. 

Miri Chapel
They have a chapel in Miri and it’s a way nice chapel. Just like the one here in KK. It’s not as out in the open as the KK one but, it’s still visible. But, we didn't get to do a whole lot besides help with one appointment the night before. Then sit at the church and then fly back to KK. Last week was pretty crazy...

Our white Christmas died pretty much right after I hung up the phone with you guys. Madam Yap called and canceled her baptism and wants to postpone it until February. She did come to church again and still wants to be baptized just not till February. Something to do with Buddhism she promised her son to a Buddhist God last year and in doing so he was suppose to bless her son with health and safety. Well the whole promise thing isn't broken till February and because she doesn't want to offend her mother who is still Buddhist she wants to wait. She could have gotten baptized herself but, she wanted to get baptized with her son. So I guess that gives us some more to make sure her testimony is strong and review the lessons. She was good to go and interviewed and then last minute it died.

Dexter is now back from Kampong again and hopefully when he comes back he can get baptized also and/or things have lightened up a bit. We watched the restoration DVD with him and he liked it and the spirit was pretty strong. After that we talked with Sister Jemimi about her sister and her brother. She is going to take us to see her brother sometime this week.  We hope it will go well.  We are also going to work with her sister again. She came to church 3 times before but, her husband was lazy and usually drunk so he wouldn't bring her to church and then when she was there he would call her like every 3 minutes... But, now she has her own car and can come by herself and apparently he has lightened up a bit and maybe she is ready now.

Jemini and her Family

Brother Sokupit, a member invited us over for a Christmas party on the 26th and it was awesome he told us how he had invited many of the members who lived nearby to join us. We told him he could can also invite some other family members and non-member neighbors.  He did and  he also brought his brother who is married to a Filipino, who we are going to start teaching and his new neighbor who just moved here not too long ago from Kudat. He was willing to let us come over.  Just to let him know first so he can make sure all of his children are home so his whole family can hear the message woo hoo :) so hopefully they'll work out. So we are still on the prowl, trying to find some new investigators that are solid but, we have some in the works that will hopefully turn out good.

Stell is doing awesome we taught her Sunday night and things went well. We will see her again tonight and she'll be interviewed tomorrow and then baptized on Friday night. We have taught some really deep lessons to her and they have gone really well. Sister Dorkas thanked us for teaching her so well. It was nice that she was happy. 

Christmas was awesome though, we had some good food all day and was so stuffed again ha-ha I didn't eat breakfast for like 3 days because I was full from the night before.  Things are doing good and nothing really to complain about.

The bed bugs are all gone now and the exterminators came and killed them and then left us with some of the poison to kill them if we see some between now and next week.

Eder's dad is doing okay he fell through on the Christmas party and church on Sunday. Mainly because, Sunday they were still waiting for their son's call from Australia but, he couldn't call out because of a storm. Hopefully we can get him to come this week. I can’t really think of anything else.

So till next week
Elder Watkins

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