Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Crazy, Busy Week...

Hiking the trails of Mount Kinabalu
Hey Everyone,

Well it is now entering the dry season from the hot season which basically it rains a little less so it is hotter more often such as yesterday.... soooooo hot..... But, this last week was pretty crazy and we weren't able to see as many people as we would have liked... Last week on Monday I got some good old diarrhea and it lasted for the day and so that is the first time I have really been sick on my mission. We still went out but, a lot of our plans fell through due to Chinese New Year but, we found out a member has a sister who might be interested in learning.

Tuesday we also got some things done, like the baptism you saw in the pictures and it was awesome. We also taught Lia and Reaty they are doing pretty well but, Lia who we taught for about a week or so isn't so willing to come to church right now because she is getting a free ride to this other church. But, we got like 4 referrals from her so maybe she isn't the one but, her friends could be so, we will have to just wait and see.
We also saw a less active member named, Sokupit and we got him to come back to church which was some success and it was nice for him to come; he is so awesome. It is sad though cause his whole family has been coming except him. But, now he’s doing better.

Dammy who is Samuels’s brother is doing good but, he has a lot questions about prophets and how do we know that the prophet isn't a false prophet. Him and Samuel didn't make it to church out of laziness but, Samuels’s wife, Ah Ling came without them, which was good. We will see him tonight again and hopefully we can help him to feel the spirit and get him to church.

Our visa run was ok, basically it was meetings so, we got there and we had Carls Jr... Mmmmm..... and bought some ties really quick before going off to a zone leader council. But our day started way early we had to wake up at 4 to catch our flight at 6 and so this whole week I have just been beat from lack of sleep. Then the next day we had a big training with zone leaders and district leaders and I got sick again from what I don't know but, I was sick for the 2nd half of the conference with diarrhea again but, now I am doing good and it actually went away after that day. We flew back and got in really late Friday night like at 1:30 a.m. or something like that.

So that Saturday we were excited to get back into our area and get things moving and hopefully get some people to church the next day. We taught Mia Sister Fiona's co-worker and it went really well; she says she loves the Book of Mormon and knows it’s true, it is just new to her and she doesn’t fully understand everything. Her boss Monica apparently hates the Book of Mormon and keeps saying she doesn't believe it but, lo and behold she hasn't tried reading it or anything yet but, we hopefully can meet with her this week and work things out about it. Well Mia was going to follow Fiona to church until the taxi to pick them up that they called failed.... And we were pretty excited because Mia right away had asked Fiona to bring her to church.

To make the day even crazier right after we taught her I got a call from Elder Kampenhout in Sandakan saying he is being detained at the KK Airport Immigration.... So after that we called Sister Jemimi, who works with passports etc... And got her to take us over there to try and get him out at least for the day. Well after talking with many people and walking around to many places and talking and waiting and waiting they won't let him out and they are going to send him back to Singapore on Sunday at noon. Well they really had no reason to detain him they were just trying to cause problems etc. So, now Kampenhout is in Singapore waiting for his new passport because they Red X him... So that day was crazy.

To top it all off we went and had a great lesson with Linlin and Alex; two Filipino's that have been here for a long, long time and they are good and we were super happy to have received them from Fiona. Well they didn't make to church because we had just meet them and committed them for the first time Saturday night and they already had plans for Sunday but, they are coming this Sunday. They also told us that they are moving and we got sad but, then they are only moving to another part of town that is super easy to get to church! So there is a blessing in that. We meet them on like Friday or Saturday and they are sweet.  

Sunday came around and with our efforts we did only get one investigator to come to church and then another did come late but, it was Leonard who came late.... Well Sunday night we had a dinner appt with the Ng's and it was actually a Chinese New Year party with delicious food and fireworks! Before that we saw some new contacts that will hopefully bring forth something.

Chinese New Year Party
Monday night was a FHE Valentines thing at the church for the young single adults.  We had good food and for the young adults dancing and games and we got some referrals. Jacob’s girlfriend came and she told us she had a blast. Sister's Howard and Hite had two good referrals that we taught the first lesson to before the party started and man they seem cool, two outstanding young guys; one who want to be a catholic priest but, we think he'll be a better priest here ha-ha and the other one wants to be a business man and speak great English.

Tuesday we taught some cool people. We finished Jacob the last recent convert lesson and got some potential referrals. His, Uncle Yafet will hopefully be back and baptized in the next 2 weeks, hopefully next week. I really wish he was back cause he'd be baptized already…dang rice harvest....

We taught Fiona and  she is doing awesome and  her husband finally apologized and said he is ready to change and  he is going to start learning so, that the gospel of Christ can change him and make him an awesome priesthood holding man ha-ha…we'll have to see first. 

At the bottom of Mount Kinabalu

Some Crazy Bug
Leaf Bug
But, things are going good today we went to Mount Kinabalu but, just the part below and walked some trails and went to a Kampung and good some sweet souvenirs.  And that is our week ha-ha.

Till next week. 
Elder Watkins

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