Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Diabolical Plan...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai.

It is Chinese New Year again here in Malaysia which is pretty awesome. Which in detail it means lion dances, fireworks all night for 2 weeks, lots of food, and Ang Pow? (the red envelopes with money in it). So it was a pretty exciting week last week.

Chinese New Year Lion Dancers and Us
We started off by meeting lots of cool new people and most of them were referrals from Sister Fiona. Whenever we are with her and she knows anyone around her that is Christian she is always sharing the gospel with them and we got a whole bunch of new investigators because of it.

We started off by teaching her new boss and co-worker; the boss is named Monica and the other one is Mia. They are both really cool and Monica is Indonesian from Celewesi and is married to a Chinese guy here in KK and owns the Saloon here. She is pretty good and so far loves what we teach her. Mia is also doing good but, we haven't been able to see them since last week. With the Chinese New Year and everyone went back to kampong; so, yeah well everyone was gone...

While we were at the saloon still Sister Fiona was cutting a ladies daughter’s hair and I contacted her and now we are teaching her and her neighbors. Her name is Lia and we are teaching Jolina and Rosna but, Jolina husband doesn't like the Book of Mormon so we lost her but, Lia and Rosna are pretty good. Rosna is from The Church of God and well it is definitely a very interesting church.... and well, she is also a missionary for her church but, man she reads the Book of Mormon and truly understands it and takes notes and even chooses a favorite verse. We figured we'll just replace her missionary work when she joins the church with Visiting Teaching ha-ha. Well Lia has gotten a testimony of the Book of Mormon; we are just trying to get her to church this Sunday. Well she basically wants too but, the church that she goes to now, well, they come and pick her up and brings her to church... But, we won't give up just yet. We also asked Lia yesterday if she had any other neighbors that would be willing to learn so, she took us over to another friend’s house that we will start teaching as well.

Sister Fiona's other neighbors are learning as well named Alex and Linlin and they are pretty sweet we had a was spiritual lesson and we know they felt the spirit even though it was raining so hard and that they couldn't quite hear part of it and then when it got the important parts…I swear it got louder.... but, watudu?

We went to Simpang Mengayau with Sister Jemimi, Leslie, Randy and Relphie and their father; who we just call uncle who is here from KL for Chinese New year. It was awesome; it was way beautiful and fun. We went up to the Tip of Borneo and walked around on the beach etc. We looked at the crabs and the little fish and took some pictures. Oh, I almost forgot the best part. Well we drove in a Ben 10 car all the way up to Kudat it had the stickers all over the outside of it the only difference was it was white and not green. Well we left early in the morning and got there and it was pretty sweet. We had some lunch and then went and visited Sister Jemimi’s Mom in her kampung and it was pretty cool. We got a lot of cool beads and her mom taught me how to make a bead cicak (gecko) and gave me some beads to make some at the house. So it was a pretty awesome trip but, only pictures can describe it. That night after we had Branch Correlation and we went to their open house and had homemade steam boat.... soooo good. Well it was awesome and a pretty sweet adventure. We even got some Ang Pow. 
Kudat Kampung
Kudat Rice Fields
Me at the Tip of Borneo
Us with Jemimi and her Family
 Thursday night we had a pretty dang- sweet appointment with Samuel and his brother. Long story short Samuel has a marriage problem which will be solved before not too much longer. But, that is not what I want to tell you about. He got his brother to follow him to drop something at the church and while he was there he talked to the sisters. After that Samuel thought of a great idea to get his brother to learn, because normally when the elders came his brother Dammy booked it to his room and locked the door. So this plan is so diabolical that you know it is just crazy enough that it might work ha-ha. Basically we knocked on Samuels door and instead of just coming in and sitting with Samuel like usual we knocked on the door and when Samuel answered we said;  Hey Samuel we are here for Dammy and then Dammy was like huh?!? How do they know my named etc and we just talked with him a bit and found out what he liked. He loves to do water colors and pastels and he has got a lot of natural talent for sure. So Samuel knew he had a special drawing cut out for The Plan of Salvation that I did and he said; Elder Watkins can I see it and then he set it up and Dammy was like huh, what’s this? So we taught him The Plan of Salvation and he loved it and now he is learning and everything is pretty awesome. He is 29 and he can hold the priesthood and he is down though for coming to church; which was awesome. So we are pretty excited and ready to teach him and best part is that the plan worked ha-ha.

Selester is also back for a couple weeks and this Sunday her baby is getting a name and a blessing! So that is super awesome. Even better we have started to teach her Fiancé Leonard about the church. He has come to church twice now and he seems pretty good. We will see him again this Sunday and teach him some more. He is a local Chinese and speaks Malay, English and Chinese. We taught him the first lesson and it went really well; so hopefully we can come and teach him again. We also committed Selester's mom and sister to be baptized and they accepted but, the only problem is they are in kampung until the next school break... So hopefully we can get them later on then but, they are super excited.

Wendy is also doing great she bore a super strong testimony on Sunday at fast and testimony. The District President was really excited about her testimony and hopefully we’ll get her a calling sooner now because it has been a couple of months and still no calling but, he thinks he has got something for her especially since she speaks Chinese, Malay, and English well.

Madam Yapp is doing well.  We have had to move her date so that for sure the Buddha was defeated ha-ha but, her mom apparently said after the 28th of February she can do whatever she wants with the church. So her new date is March 6th.

The new problem is that Yafet the best investigator ever is in Kampung for 3 weeks for the rice harvest and while he is there he has no contact with us because there is no cell service and he has no home phone... So now we have to wait for him to come back but, hopefully when he comes back he will have quit smoking.
Kathrine and Us
Elder Wright, former Elder Neil, Kathrine & Me
We have a lot more people we are teaching but, it will take some more time and they are new and nothing super awesome yet. But, things are going great with no complaints. I'll get some pictures in here. Also Sister Juliet’s daughter Katharine got baptized. She picked Brother Neil the former Elder Neil who served here a year or so ago to baptize her. Just so you know who that other white guy is in the picture. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer until Randy will get baptized also. Well until next week.

Misavaru vagu,
Elder Watkins
We had to say goodbye to Sister Zafar...she is off to serve in Kuching

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