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Hey Everyone,

Well the news is true that we will be having 100 missionaries by August in the mission. Which means all these areas that have some super awesome possibilities will be opening up.  There will be 84 missionaries that are foreigners...meaning anyone who is not from Malaysia and Singapore. So that means the mission will have to supply 16 natives to serve in the mission and that doesn't mean just 16 people from here it means more natives because there are probably 16 native missionaries already from the mission here but, half of them are in other countries.  So right now we have a lot of missionaries in the mission. So from when I was in Kuala Lumpur it has gone from being just my companionship over 3 branches well it is now 3 branches each having its own companionship! Elder Lewis my Trainee is now with Elder Kumar in PJ2 and that branch is actually moving to where the members are and it is a great new location so it’s going to start booming! Well, KL is finally getting some help and some love after I am gone.... ha-ha. Elder Hunt and his Trainee are in the Klang branch and Elder Thurman and Noland are in PJ1 still. So things there are going great in their part of the mission. Elder Kampenhout made it back into Malaysia, just last Saturday they shipped him back to Singapore and got him a new passport pretty dang fast and now he is back and doing great. 

Well things are going well here in KK. I guess I’ll just start out with Thursday of last week. Thursday we just did our planning as usual and well it went well and got a good plan set up for the week ahead and then we headed off to see Norina and Hendria I am not sure if you remember who they are but, they are Elder Wrights recent converts that like…got lost when I got here. And well the Sisters found them again and so we went to go visit them and Arne. Since Arne was only visiting from KL. So it was pretty sweet to see them and the best part is Sister Hite and Howard will continue to teach them and hopefully get them back to church and fully active again. After that we met with Sister Hite and Howard and took them to a member’s house and then we headed to visit with Sister Hellen and try to get some referrals. Well she wasn't there so we went next door and contacted her relative…his name is Sibin and he learned a long time ago but, we will be seeing him tomorrow night, he seems to be pretty good but, we are glad something came out of it.  Thursday was also the last day of Chinese New Year so there were fireworks everywhere and they were going of constantly. All the streets were filled with smoke from them and it was crazy, everyone was just like; Yeah, this year was the best in a long time for fireworks in KK ha-ha…it was cool. 

Friday was pretty awesome and crazy we set up a sweet day to go see some good people.  Everyone we went to see wasn't there for some reason. So. I called Fiona and she is like come teach my neighbor from my old house and I was like oh yeah so we walked 20 minutes to her old house only to find out that she wasn't home after Fiona said she would be. so well we called her again and Fiona was like no Elders she is at my home here right now..... So we went back and taught her the gospel ha-ha. After that Fiona took us to her new neighbors home and we talked with him about church well he told us that his heart was not open right now so we just explained the Book of Mormon and well someone had anti'd him pretty hard core even before we had got there so we just invited him to read the pamphlet since he wouldn't take the book of Mormon and then he is like do you play guitar? and I said a bit and so we jammed for 10 minutes before heading off to grab a buss back home.  So it was good but, just planted a seed. 

Saturday was also a pretty good day. We Taught Desy and Mary Ann again and it went well and they said they were coming to church and THEY DID!!!! It was awesome. Last night they told us they are going back to the Filipinas for a visit for 1-2 weeks........ So pretty much every baptism that is about to come, takes a vacation. But, at least they are coming back. After that we headed off with David Chong to brother Gary's house where he made us some delicious food and we jammed to some church music while eating and then taught his referral and it was pretty sweet.

Sunday we taught Madam Yapp and Mac Duncan before church and they are still getting baptized on March 6th! So that was a great lesson to have before church and well her husband came back from Sipatan for Chinese New Year and he read the Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles book and loved it so, when he gets back from work again he wants to learn!  So that was a great. Michael, the Chinese man back from December also just showed up again and is down for baptism and is ready to make a commitment. He also came to the Young Single Adults FHE at the church the next day which was good. After that we did some knocking and found actually quite a few new people. But, the thing that made Sunday so awesome was Sister Fiona took us to her aunt’s house. Wow, we got some awesome new people to teach. We started teaching her Auntie Rose, her daughter who we call Mrs. Wong and her husband Jeffery. We are also teaching their niece who stays with them named, Christine and they are super awesome. They are Pentecostal but, they were open with what we taught them Sunday night; it was an awesome lesson. About half way through the lesson a guy walked by their home who is related in some way.  Well we thought he was just going to bother us but, man he is awesome. His name is Jomil he used to live in Singapore and he had actually met the missionaries there a couple of times. Well he joined the lesson and man it was one heck of a lesson and the spirit was so strong. We went back last night and had another awesome lesson; the only problem was Jeffery family wasn't there but, they came towards the end and he was still interested in learning. We taught Christine, Rose, and Jomil and they were all concerned…they thought that they had to wait until next Sunday for us to come back because they said they had felt something so awesome they wanted it again. So we read the Book of Mormon with them and it went very well. Rose said she feels so good and would like to come to church. Jomil was really pumped to read and get his own answer about the book. They both said after the first time we met them that they wanted to be baptized if, they found it was true. They are right on their way towards it. Next time Jomil is bringing some of his friends and actually has a brother he wants us to teach. So it was a great day. 

Monday was also super awesome as we were going to teach Mia we were walking by some guys just hanging out in front of a shop and Elder Wright walked passed and thought they just wanted to bother us. I stopped and started to talk to a guy name…Jason. Well Jason is SIB and is Christian and had seen us around a couple times. We I taught him a quick rundown of the restoration as Elder Wright distracted his Muslim friend next to him ha-ha. He was super excited and the first thing he asked was; if when we could meet him again. We set up an appt for tonight and I called him last night to confirm the appt and  he was upset that I didn't call him earlier to confirm the appt sooner because he thought we forgot about him. I apologized and said we will meet you tomorrow night. He is awesome and we are pumped for him.

Tuesday I already talked about a bit, but, well it was good we met Mary Ann and Desy and Jeffery's crew. Then we headed off in search of Alex and Linlin. We found them finally and got a new return appt since they moved last week. Well here is the crazy thing. They used to live in a one room house with shared bathrooms. It was just big enough for the four of us to sit on the floor. Their boss was like you… you guys can live in my second home since I am moving to this new place. This house they stay in now is a HUGE 3 STORY HOME!!! It is so big. It’s like the biggest home I have been inside in Malaysia. I guess Alex’s 20 years of hard work and dedication at his work finally paid off. Now they have it even easier to get to church now so, we’ll push to get them to church this week. And that’s pretty much our week.

Till next week
Elder Watkins

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