Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lots of New People...

Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was good. We saw a lot of new people. I guess I’ll start off with Sister Fiona and her new referral. Sister Fiona move; her husband kicked her out which is better and they are getting a divorce. But, things will be better for her now. We helped her move and now she has her cousin staying with her; who is actually…way awesome. Her name is Amy and she has been living in Sarawak for a while and now is back in KK and doesn't really have a specific church but, is down to learn about this one and trying to find the truth. So we started teaching her…so far so good.

Oliver Fausto's cousin went back to the Philippines until Friday so, we won't be able to teach him for awhile but, hopefully when he comes back he'll still be good.

Last week we also got to teach Jomel and his wife Yulite. We went to teach them and now we have two new investigators out of it….Nexrin and Ubi. So we got a family and some friends over there we are teaching and well they are pretty sweet. We taught them again last night with Leslie and it went pretty well; they feel good when they read the Book of Mormon and Nexrin was really paying attention to what was going on and really enjoyed learning about the Book of Mormon. We will probably have to help him to get to church because he is new in KK and not too sure how to get around yet. But, they are pretty sweet and looking good.

Rose, Sister Dorkas's friend is doing awesome. She came to church again and really enjoys church and what we have to teach her. Right now she reads and prays and she should be ready for April 17. She is really shy and quiet but, when she has a question she isn't shy to ask and she had a lot of great questions when we taught her the plan of salvation. She is pretty awesome.

Dammy and Samuel should be getting baptized next Wednesday. But, we will have to work a bit with Dammy again because last Sunday in priesthood the District President scared the crap out of Dammy. He was talking about how the branch is getting ready to split and how we need everyone to do their part and he started naming of names and he said Samuel, Dammy etc... You will one day have the M priesthood and have callings. For Samuel, he had been to church for a while and he knew that would happen so, it wasn't too big of a problem. With Dammy he kind of freaked out and thought; woe, that’s way too fast. I haven't even gotten baptized yet. Samuel told us that he was worried a bit about that and so when we see him tonight we will have to work it out. The next problem comes out that he misunderstood the Articles of Faith about how we believe the Bible to be true as long as its translated correctly. He thought that we belittled the Bible kind of thing so we will have to explain that it is just as important.  Hopefully it will go over well and we can help him resolve his own concerns. Also it turns out that before he was suppose to get baptized in the SIB church on March 20th well he had canceled that one for this one but, now he is scared a little so we will have to talk to him tonight and he can work towards what he knows is true. We hope and pray it will be ok for him.
Desy and Maryann are still doing awesome. Desy was able to make it to church but, Maryann was at her sister’s house and couldn't make it. The cool thing is the sisters were passing us some old records of people from their area book that were in our area and I found a Desy; turns out it is the same Desy that we were teaching. Some Elders like 2-3 years ago contacted and taught her once or twice. Sometimes all it takes is for their friend to bring the Elders over to help them be interested. So they should be getting baptized on April 9th. Desy is way cool and we were really happy to see her at church last Sunday.

Some members also brought their sister to church she likes it a lot and now we just got to meet her and help her to pick her off day's again for Sunday :) She is Chinese and so hopefully we can help her out and help her have faith in Christ.

We are also teaching Peter's Dad now which is kind of cool. We just went and met him on Sunday and we just talked with him about things and kind of threw in some things about Peter going on a mission and introduced the plan of salvation to his dad. So hopefully we can help him out and get his dad coming to church.

Next week we head off for exchanges in Tawau and Sandakan. We have a baptism interview to do in Tawau, so it is pretty exciting cause its a potential priesthood holder.

That is pretty much it…can't really think of anything else. Talk to ya next week.

Mejumpa Vagu
Elder Watkins

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