Friday, July 22, 2011

War Wounds...but, NO Broken Bones!

Last night I got a phone call from the Mission President wife, Sister Clark.  She thought she better let me know before I see Elder Watkins next week that he had been hurt. Keep in mind that she is over 1,000 miles away getting this phone call from his companion on the way to the hospital. From what she told me he was playing basketball on his P-day and some how rolled over an investigator (we think it might have been the HUGE Figian Rugby players but, we will have to wait for Nathan's story). When he fell he hyper-extended his right elbow, split open his chin and they thought broke both of his wrists. They took x-rays and it looks like his wrists are just sprained. Since we wouldn't be getting an email before we see him she thought it wouldn't be a good idea after not seeing your son for two years to have him show up with stitches in his chin and his arm in a sling. I guess the big bear hug will have to be a little more gentle...I am just grateful it isn't any worse. I can just imagine Nathan smiling and saying..."I was in the jungle and was attacked"...don't worry Mom, you know how the ladies love war wounds :) He is going to have to come up with a good story...less than a week before he comes home...I can't believe it.

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Georgia said...

That is unbelievable! Glad he's okay.