Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Celebrating the Fourth of July in Sandakan

Hey Everyone,

These last couple days we have been contacting referrals like crazy and trying our best to get a bunch of solid people in our pool... Right now our pool shrunk.... Mainly because Ecal, Ebie's sister is forced to go back to her Kampong, just like Baby had to last week... Ecal had to go back because she has to go to school in KG because of some test she has to take, she said, she can't get baptized this July but, she is going to get baptized first thing when she gets back from KG later this year.... So that put our week down a bit.

On a bright note, Aunty and Son are now on baptism date for the 6th of August!!!! Which is way exciting we are very happy to have them on the road to baptism she is way great and she now understands that only through the church can she truly help her ancestors so, she is way pumped up and excited....? We are just really working on the praying part... She reads, she comes to church but, it is very hard to get her to pray.... But, she is doing great and we are working with her.

Roger and his wife are doing great; we are still working on getting them to church again. They came once and liked it but, last week they had to go a wedding and then the week before that they had to go get his wound cleaned at the hospital... They are super amazing and truly love the gospel but, with his arm still in the recovery process and still working on his less active daughters does make it a bit more difficult.  All and all it is worth it because we can get a bunch of people back to church and get 2 more super strong people.

We also got a new Referral from sister Wennalyn and she is doing well we haven't been able to teach her... She has come to church twice already. She is 17 and from the Philippines and has been here for a month and should be here for a couple more months, she is really nice and wants to learn but, the inactivity of the member doesn't help a whole lot. She was recently baptized in the Baptist church in the Philippines so we are hoping and praying we can share with her for sure, before she heads off.

For the 4th of July we bought some charcoal and a bunch of burgers and had a BBQ at some members home. It was way good; we cooked probably 20 burgers, we had onion, lettuce, and the works. They were amazing because they were grilled.... and I cooked them…by the way so, they were of course amazing ha-ha, just kidding. I thought they were good for not having a whole lot of things. 

Rosamini and her sister, Tingak were down from mile 32 this last week because she was sick and so we were asked to give her a blessing. It turns out she has the same case of Rosamini's son; which is she is scared to death of people so we had to do some BRT first. It went well it turns out after the blessing she felt better and was good for a couple of days but, it came back again. Her name is Rohani, and she is way cool; we hope she comes back and can learn. 

Saturday we also contacted a bunch of referrals from Ednel and we got a whole new family that we are hoping will pan out as well, a mother, father, 2 kids, and the grandmother.... They are way sweet... We also saw a members brother, named Jackson, he speaks a bit of English; his brother is Elder Tabiar in serving in Miri right now. He has another brother here who is helping us teach Jackson. His name is Jeffrey; he is way tight and can play the guitar amazingly.

Saturday for a Youth Activity we headed off to a members fish pond and had a BBQ on the beach for lunch. We had a couple of investigators follow us and even a couple of the less active we are working with. Even Ebie went and then she went to seminar. She loves church even more now because she has more friends at church than she thought. She is doing great and planning on going on the temple trip in August with the rest of the YW.

 That’s all I can really think of but, things are great over here and just working hard and getting ready for everything to get things done...

Mengin Oku Seikaw,
Elder Watkins 

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