Friday, July 19, 2013

Backing Trip in the Unitas

Nathan started bugging Jeff and I about going on a backpacking-fishing weekend in the Unitas months ago...I like hiking as long as I can come back to a shower and bed! This is not one of those trips...I was content to stay home and mow the lawn :) I don't know how much their packs weighed when they left, but when Jeff put his on my back I felt like I was going to tip over backwards...ha-ha! Nathan even has a two man tent in his. This is just before they left this morning...smiling faces! I sure hope they are smiling when they get home!!!

I am not sure what lake this is but it is one of the many they saw on their trip.  Totally worth the hike. It was funny because Saturday night I got a text saying they would call after they finished eating at the Hanna Cafe, but get the Deep Blue out to rub on Nathan's sore shoulders. When I finally talked to them...Nathan was content from his ground round and onion rings and Jeff a mushroom burger and fries. Jeff was tired but fine when he arrived home, but the twenty-three year old was sore :)

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